Today, is there a more cherished holiday custom than the Elf on the Shelf joke, which not only makes the season more appealing and amuses adults? You get to prepare a brand-new surprise for your kids every night. How much fun!

Consider parent Jacqueline Garcia if you’re looking for suggestions for your Elf on the Shelf. She’s become well-known for the hilarious practical jokes she uploads to her TikTok page.

The mother’s TikTok page, @jackie o12, which began with a video she posted a few years ago, has received millions of views.

In the video, Garcia’s 5-year-old son Alex was the target of a clever prank by her Elf on the Shelf, Alabaster, who tore holes in his pyjamas while he slept.

He pointed to Alabaster and said, “He got the scissors and shredded my entire clothing,” telling his mother.

The video also demonstrated how Alabaster deftly hacked a hole in her son’s pants seat.

Alex was disappointed to learn that this was not Alabaster’s last ruse. Alabaster gave him a moustache while he was dozing off in another video.

“Silly Elf is at it again!” is how the mother captioned the video.

When was the last time you took a group selfie or surprised a 5-year-old with a magical swing? e. , a paper mask fastened to the doorframe). In addition, we hope it’s evident that Garcia is working hard when we say Alabaster.

One of her most well-known videos is, without a doubt, the mom’s “floor is lava” stunt from December 16, 2020. In addition to hanging Alabaster from the wall in the video, she made it difficult for her son to leave his bed when he woke up by enclosing it in a maze of red Solo cups (the “lava”).

Garcia humorously misinterpreted the sign that accompanied Alabaster as “The ground is lava,” saying in a reaction video, “Alabaster did that.”.

He countered, “Alabaster put all the bottles.”.

That’s close enough for now.

Garcia confided in CafeMom that she prefers to keep things straightforward.

She explains that I try to take little games and blow them up to suggest that the ground is lava. “.

After he goes to bed, she allegedly “walks around my house and attempts to piece things together from various stuff around the house.”. I don’t spend too much money on anything because I’m a single mom and have to make the most of what I already have. “.

Without waking her son, the mother could dress him in elf pyjamas. A handmade collar, red pyjamas, and a Santa hat make up the look.

The following morning, her son expressed his gratitude for his new clothes by declaring, “I turned red! I looked like Alabaster.”.

Alabaster, he exclaimed.

He was shocked, the mother captioned the video. He lingered in front of the mirror for a very long time.

Garcia called the inspiration unexpected.

She claims that while looking for clothes for him, she saw a red onesie and got the idea to make them twins.

Alabaster intends to keep his position as the King of Practical Jokes. Alabaster is practising his old ruse. For instance, on December 2, 2021, he is seen moving Alex’s bed across the room before stretching out on his bed.

The mother says, “I made the elf’s bed out of popsicle sticks from his schoolwork, using his little socks as a pillow and a scarf as the blanket.

As seen in a video from December 11, 2021, where he unexpectedly showed up at their table, Alabaster was previously seen out and about with Garcia and Alex. Alabaster was hiding behind a menu when Alex found him, and he yelled. The mother captioned the photo, saying, “Look at how enthusiastic he becomes.

She is ultimately driven to use the Alabaster pranks by the smile on her son’s face.

Garcia admits to CafeMom that “he likes the elf. Every morning when he wakes up, he checks to see what he did that day. “.

The mother also wants her movies to bring people joy.

I hope people appreciate them and are motivated to do something enjoyable for their kids.