According to Reuters, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife Priscilla Presley will assist in auctioning a collection of jewellery that Elvis Presley donated to his manager, Colonel Tom Parke.

Two hundred items, including gem-encrusted gold rings, cufflinks, watches, and necklaces, have been brought in for the auction by GWS Auctions. Presley’s famous 1968 TV “comeback” guitar is also being auctioned off.

It will undoubtedly trigger memories, says Priscilla Presley.

She continued by claiming that her ex-husband would routinely buy Parker jewellery while lacking any other ideas for gifts for her.

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The logo artefacts for the TCB Band, the musicians who formed the band backing Presley in his later years, are just one example of the creations that Priscilla Presley allegedly guarded fiercely.

Priscilla Presley supported the auction in part because she was fed up with people trying to sell fake goods, according to her.

She said I’m worried because so many of the products are fake.

Priscilla Presley continued, “I want to know for sure that they’re going to end up with someone who will care for them and love them.

Reuters reports that in a deal with Authentic Brands Group, Universal Music has acquired the “king of rock-and-roll” Elvis Presley’s music library, which features well-known songs like “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Jailhouse Rock,” another renowned music collection.

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The acquisition’s financial terms were kept private. Despite this, Universal Music Publishing Group claimed it would make money if Elvis Presley’s songs were used in movies and television programs.

Authentic Brands Group currently owns Elvis Presley’s discography. The portfolio of this firm includes businesses with connections to Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali.

Elvis Presley is the best-selling solo artist, with over 500 million copies of his albums and singles sold worldwide. The American artist also has 114 songs on the Billboard Top 40, a record for all musicians in music history.

Elvis Presley’s “Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite” concert made history in both television and the entertainment industry in 1973. It was the first live performance to be broadcast globally over satellite.

The announcement comes at a time when companies in the music business are attempting to increase revenue by buying or managing artists’ music catalogues after the epidemic caused the release of new albums to be delayed and the profits from streaming to be reduced.

The late British musician Sting sold his entire music library to Universal Music earlier this year, and Warner Music Group’s song publishing division bought the complete discography of the late David Bowie.