To get her, they busted a car window.

Police entered a car to assist an older woman who was lifeless in an abandoned vehicle — but it was a dummy.

A 911 caller reported that a woman was frozen to death inside the vehicle in Hudson, New York, and a rescue crew was promptly dispatched.

The “lady” was wearing a seatbelt, and the temperature inside the stopped automobile was 5 degrees Celsius.

According to CNN, officers busted the glass and discovered an incredibly realistic CPR dummy with hair, actual clothing, and skin imperfections.

According to police, the car owner eventually approached them and told them he worked for a company that provides medical training equipment.

He became enraged when the cops busted his window.

“We will smash your window if you park your vehicle on the street on a sub-zero night with a life-size realistic mannequin sat in it,” Hudson Police Chief Edward Moore said.

There were no charges brought.