On the day they exchange vows, a couple commits to one another and envisions their future.

Portuguese couple Jefferson and Jennifer wed in a wonderfully unique ceremony. Just as the couple was about to exchange vows, Jefferson called an end to the ceremony.

Jennifer was puzzled by what was happening, just like the other participants.

Will she be left at the altar if one of the guests opts not to participate in the ceremony?

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Jefferson asked for a quick break, but it wasn’t for that reason. As he begged the priest to take a moment, he had another thought.

Jefferson went to Giovanna, a stunning 8-year-old girl, and told her he loved her as his daughter as everyone waited for him to make a move.

“I want to show you how much I care. Giovanna, who was paying close attention to everything her new father said, heard him make the promise, “I won’t fail you; I’ll look out for you, keep you safe, and never let you down.

She was so moved to tears that she got up to thank Jefferson for his love and care for her and her mother.

Tears of joy streamed down the faces of those who witnessed the touching scene and couldn’t control them.