The male passengers on the train would not give up their seats, so Bryony Esther was compelled to breastfeed her infant while standing.

The mother currently faces criticism online for continuing to nurse her one-year-old child.

Bryony Esther, a mother from Essex, was travelling back to her house after spending four days visiting her sick son in a hospital in London. She was accompanied by her two young daughters, five and one years old.

She had asked a group of men sitting with luggage if she could sit with them, but they had declined, so she had to breastfeed her one-year-old while standing. She later took a selfie and uploaded it to Facebook.

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She wrote in her article, “I had to stand on a train while breastfeeding my child because the charming lot of charmers were more concerned with their baggage and rolling joints!”.

It has a pungent smell. Also sitting in the wheelchair seat was the cyclist on the colourful bicycle that kept colliding with mine. To let their mothers, girlfriends, and wives know how they behave would make my day, so please feel free to share this. “.

More than 36,000 individuals in total shared the article. But only some people concurred.

“Your baby appears to be too old to be breastfeeding,” and “That’s dirty; throw it away,” the mother said are a few of the comments I’ve received. “Get a car!” and other insulting words like “Exhibitionist!” Esther added.

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She explained, “I could teach them about being environmentally conscious, about reducing congestion in London, and about WHO [World Health Organization] feeding standards, but I’ve been a little busy with Zak at GOSH [Great Ormond Street Hospital].”.

She continued, “The fact that this had happened before made me decide to take a picture at the time because it wasn’t the first time anything like this had happened.”.

“I’ve posted about this issue before; the most recent time was in April of last year, when I was eight months pregnant and making the same trip to see my sick son at Great Ormond Street Hospital (just like I was the other day), and the most recent time my friends suggested that I take a picture and post it on Facebook so their mothers could see, so I did. “.

Another woman advised her to have complained if the men hadn’t moved their bags after she had requested that they do so. She added that she should have instructed the men to carry their luggage. Esther explained that she didn’t want to make a scene in front of her five-year-old daughter because she didn’t want to bother her.

In 2009, she was attacked when she attempted to confront someone about their antisocial behaviour, and she was attacked. She continued, “I was assaulted.

Contrarily, the mother who employs “baby-wearing,” “natural parenting,” and “eco-friendly” parenting is content with the amount of attention her post has received.

It has given me something else to think about, which is a much-needed change of pace from the hospital, I have to admit,” she said.