When I recall my childhood, the only things that come to mind are safety and love. I was raised to believe that I was a beloved member of a family who only wanted what was best for me.

Unfortunately, not all children experience this level of security. Some kids grow up in adoption and shelter settings without ever knowing what it’s like to have their real family.

Fortunately, three brothers who were adopted by KC and Lena Currie of Sudbury, Massachusetts, knew exactly that for Christmas last year.

Three young biological brothers are adopted by a couple so they can remain together.

On November 23 of the previous year—which also happened to be National Adoption Day—Joey, 3, Logan, 2, and Noah, 1, biological brothers, moved into their new forever home.

One year ago, KC and Lena’s journey as adoptive parents began when Joey, who was two at the time, was legally adopted.

According to Good Morning America, KC and Lena met Joey for the first time at a Children’s Friend-sponsored event.

Lena stated, “We saw a photo of Joey, and Children’s Friend mentioned it would be a good match. He was 18 months old when this happened. ”.

Last but not least, in March, they adopted young Joey. But that was just the beginning.

Children’s Friend quickly called the Curries to let them know that Joey had a brother named Noah who was 6 weeks old and in need of a home as well.

After quickly affirming the existence of a third sibling, Logan, who had been unsuccessfully adopted by another family, KC and Lena learned of their existence. That signaled to the Curries that someone was trying to get their attention.

After welcoming Noah into their home for a month, Logan joined his brothers.

It was our instinct to tell GMA, according to KC. We ultimately decided to agree to keeping the boys together. When they are older and have more questions, they will have each other to rely on and share the journey with. ”.

It has undoubtedly not been simple to parent three children under the age of four. Nevertheless, by taking care of these brothers, KC and Lena have made an extraordinary contribution.

Now Joey, Logan, and Noah can experience childhood together and reap the enormous benefits of being a part of a loving family.

Lena claims that this year and this holiday are the first ones where everything is real and lasting.

Now we can start fantasizing about kindergarten, sports, and all those exciting things, KC continued. ”.

Wow, what a motivational story, and one that undoubtedly makes me cry.