Travel vlogger Kaylen shared her “excruciatingly painful” experience with a lip-blushing procedure on social media under the handle @kaylendoesstuff.

While visiting Colombia, a travel blogger went viral after posting a video of her “failed” attempt at lip-blushing treatment.

Kaylen, also known online as @kaylendoesstuff, captured the incident and its shocking results in a TikTok video, which has since received over 15.3 million views.

Lip blushing, which is a semi-permanent tattoo, can enhance the color and shape of your lips and give them the appearance of being fuller, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Color ink is deposited into the lips and along the lip line to enhance the appearance overall. Color is typically subdued for results that appear natural.

 TikToker Shares Shocking Lip Blushing Treatment Results That Were ‘Failed’ and ‘Not Worth It’

The video shows Kaylen saying, “Wait, I actually really like my lips, maybe I shouldn’t do this,” as she drove to her appointment. And as I felt my body numb, I decided that I should leave for home. But I did not go back home.

Kaylen asked for a pink tint, but the doctor suggested a “bright ruby red” shade instead, saying it would turn pink eventually. After some thought, she finally decided to concur.

The 23-year-old content creator continued by describing how she was “suffering” throughout the application process and how the results were upsetting while also displaying a close-up of her severely swollen, red lips that had rendered her speechless.

The discomfort was intolerable. I was severely swollen, it was excruciatingly painful and numb, and I looked awful,” she recalled. If you’re thinking about getting this done, just buy lipstick,” I advised. Because it hurt so much, I had to beg her to stop. Of everyone who finished this task, I simply looked the worst. ”.

After the lip-blushing procedure, Kaylen posted the results on her YouTube channel. The swelling began to diminish gradually the following day, but the red tint began to peel, which she described as “nasty and disgusting.”. ”.

By day four, the peeling had stopped, the red hues had all faded, and her lips were now a deep purple color that was only getting “darker and darker.”. ”.

Kaylen observed that her lips looked “way worse than before” even on day 16. ”.

She insisted that she went to a “fancy” location for the lip blushing but admitted that it was “not worth it” due to the pain, swelling, peeling, and recovery time.

 TikToker Shares Shocking Lip Blushing Treatment Results That Were ‘Failed’ and ‘Not Worth It’

In addition, Kaylen mentioned that the therapy cost her $50, which is another reason she wouldn’t recommend it since it would be much cheaper in the US.

Lip blushing is not covered by insurance, according to the Cleveland Clinic, and each session typically costs between $500 and $1,500.

Kaylen claims that the experience has taught her valuable lessons about being beautiful and loving oneself.

She said, “Obviously, you can enhance your beauty with makeup, false eyelashes, nails, and other things like that, but your nose is the right shape, hips are the right size, and lips are the right color.

I now understand that I am perfect the way I am because of the entire experience. I don’t want anything to alter. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. ”.