After Ronnie, her “beloved” son, died unexpectedly at 62, Tina Turner is in mourning.

“Ronnie, you passed away much too soon. “In pain, I close my eyes and think about you, my lovely baby,” the singer captioned a selfie on Friday on Instagram. The picture was in black and white.

Ronnie died on December 8th, a Thursday. Although his death’s exact cause is unknown, he had recently been dealing with several health problems, including cancer.

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After Ronnie passed away, his widow Afida immediately took to Instagram to post heartfelt tributes to her late actor husband.

A carousel of pictures of Ronnie Turner’s late husband was captioned “My Ronnie Turner into a true angel.”. “Mummy, your nurse, I tried everything in my power to save you this time, but I was not successful. I’m heartbroken. “.

As a married couple, they were childless.

In 2018, Craig, Ronnie’s older brother, committed suicide by shooting himself in the head at 59. Ronnie passed away shortly after.

Three months later, Tina told the BBC, “I still don’t know what pushed him over the edge because at that point he mentioned to me that he had never met a woman that he felt that way about. “.

He planned to introduce me to her for his birthday in August and spend time with me. I had bought him an apartment years earlier, and he had already furnished and decorated it. He had recently gotten a new job at a well-known real estate company in California and was ecstatic. “.

She continued, “I believe Craig was lonely, and I believe that was what killed him more than anything else.”. She said, “I see him grinning all around me, and I get the sense that he’s in a happy place. I genuinely believe it. “.