One of the most recognizable names in country music is Toby Keith. While the multi-platinum-selling artist leads a very successful family life alongside his career, things start to go south for him in 2021. Keith finally told his fans that he was not doing well after receiving a cancer diagnosis after a year of rumors. A more recent update, however, gives him and his supporters hope.

Seven-time Grammy nominee Toby Keith is battling for his life. Keith initially made his stomach cancer diagnosis public on social media in June 2022. He posted a message on his Instagram and Twitter accounts to let his followers know what was going on with him.

Toby Keith shares new update

He disclosed that he had undergone radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy for the previous six months. Other than that, Keith didn’t provide many additional details regarding the prognosis. “I was given a stomach cancer diagnosis last fall. Over the past six months, I’ve undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. This far, so good. I need some space to rest, recover, and breathe,” the singer penned.

The country singer is refusing to let his positive attitude wain in the wake of the diagnosis. With a promise to see his fans soon, he signed off on his note. “I am looking forward to having my family here for this time. However, I hope to run into the supporters very soon. He wrote, “I can’t wait,” and added his initials.

Toby Keith shares new update

The beloved singer received a deluge of well wishes, prayers, and support as soon as he posted the sad news.

Keith has consistently spoken out in favor of cancer research, even before his own diagnosis. To help provide free housing for kids with cancer, he founded the Toby Keith Foundation in 2006. The singer is a fierce advocate for the cause; just this year, Keith’s Oklahoma Golf Classic helped OK Kids Coral, a group that helps children with cancer find free housing while receiving treatment in his hometown of Oklahoma, raise over $1 million. He remained in the spotlight despite his diagnosis. He performed at the Heroes Honor Festival at Daytona International Speedway in May 2022 after being inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in November 2021.

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Fortunately, Keith seems to be doing well right now. He has a “good prognosis now that the cancer is in remission,” according to WhiskeyRiff. Keith has nonetheless been compelled to cancel his tour plans for 2022. He canceled his September September appearance at the California Strike Out Fundraiser for the SabesWings. Later, the native of Oklahoma surprised diners at a Kentucky steakhouse with a special impromptu performance in early November of this year. Since disclosing his stomach cancer diagnosis in the fall of 2021, Keith hadn’t performed in front of an audience until the surprise performance.

I traveled there to attend the Breeders’ Cup, and it was good. I’m an ambassador for the Breeders’ Cup, and after dinner, people kept asking me about Jeff Ruby, whose chain of steakhouses I know well.

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He insisted that I come up here, but I kept saying, “Oh, you know, I said I think I’m just going to stay here with my friends,” Keith recalled. At the 2022 BMI Country Awards, the venerable country musician sat down with CMT’s Cody Alan and opened up about his diagnosis and his outlook on the future.

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Keith was questioned regarding his upcoming stage return among other things. As long as his body is still healing, the artist said he would keep doing what he loves most. I’m considering getting back in fighting shape. I need some time to recover and recharge. Being forced to experience all of that is pretty crippling, but as long as everything continues to go according to plan, we’ll consider positive developments in the future, he said.

You can learn more about @tobykeith’s plans to resume touring this weekend only on cmtHot20! — CMT Hot 20 Countdown (@cmtHot20), November 19, 2022.

Toby Keith is a wonderful man, and we wish him luck in quickly beating his diagnosis.

We hope he emerges from this experience stronger than before because he has done so much for those in need and those experiencing similar circumstances. I hope his health will allow him to travel again soon.