Who doesn’t appreciate Tom Selleck? For decades, Selleck has graced our screens with one of Hollywood’s best moustaches.

Another quality we respect about Selleck is his devotion to his wife, Julie Mack.

While many celebrity weddings end in divorce, this couple has been blissfully married for 33 years.

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So, how can they maintain the spark after decades of marriage?

Selleck recently revealed the tiny things he does to keep their love alive.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Seleck recounts meeting Jillie Mack for the first time… at a performance of the musical Cats in which Mack was performing. It was the 1980s, following the dissolution of Selleck’s decade-long marriage to model Jacqueline Ray.

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While Selleck claims he isn’t as sophisticated with women as his on-screen rivals, he did approach his future wife backstage, but she was the one who initiated contact.

“She had to go on [stage].

The date went well, and Selleck and Mack married in a private ceremony in 1987.

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Since then, Selleck has prioritized his family over notoriety, attempting to keep his personal life out of the public eye.

He claims he left the hit television show Magnum P.I. to create a family with Mack. Soon after, they had a daughter, Hannah, and purchased their family.

Of course, this does not imply that Selleck has retired from the entertainment industry; far from it. He has appeared in the hit police drama Blue Bloods, which is now in its 11th season, as well as the Jesse Stone TV movie series.

Despite his hectic television schedule, Selleck prioritizes his family.

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“My top focus is family time,” he told People in 2012.

“It is critical to nurture your marriage.

Selleck, 76, is still blissfully married to his wife of 33 years. Selleck and Mack are content on their ranch.

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So, what’s their trick? According to Selleck, they share a “yin and yang” relationship: he’s more introspective and quiet, while Mack has an “effervescent energy that lights up a room.”

“She’s my friend in addition to being my wife,” Selleck continues.

That, and the actor’s efforts to keep the romance.

“I get up before Jillie, and so her tea water is hot when she gets up,” he explained to Closer. “I believe I’m a romantic.” We’re so thrilled these two are still together and happy!