You’ve probably heard numerous beautiful stories about children who managed to survive despite facing adversity from birth. One of these stories is Tomm Tennet’s, who managed to relocate people all over the world. Tomm was born with an overabundance of skin. He had the skin of a five-year-old.

Even Tomm’s father was taken aback when he first saw his son.

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A one-of-a-kind youngster

Tomm Tennent was born in South East Australia in 1993. Doctors did not suspect anything was amiss with this kid before he was delivered, but ultrasounds revealed something was awry.

Tomm’s parents discussed it and chose to keep the baby despite not knowing what would happen next.

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The physicians performed numerous tests and examinations but could not determine Tomm’s illness. His parents admitted to being taken aback when they initially saw their child. Debbie Tennent, Tomm’s mother, said she couldn’t believe it when she saw her kid, but she was happy to hug him.

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Medical History

Tomm had a significant skin excess, but doctors had no idea what caused it. Thus, he received no therapy. Everyone hopes Tomm will grow normally and the excess skin will shrink with time. However, some research was conducted because the boy’s condition was intriguing to the medical community.

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Tomm spent roughly three years at a medical centre, performing various tests to assist doctors in determining what was wrong. Doctors were learning a lot because Tomm was the first infant delivered with that much skin. That time was challenging for the entire family because they had to spend much time in a medical centre, but everything worked out in the end.

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Interestingly, the doctors discovered parallels between Tomm and the Chinese dog breed Shar Pei because they discovered Tomm’s level of Hyaluronic acid in the skin was 100 times higher than average, which is also the case with Shar Pei puppies. The story of hyaluronic acid in the skin of puppies diminishes with time, and the physicians thought that this would happen in Tomm’s case as well.

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Fortunately, this is precisely what occurred. Tomm’s condition vanished as he grew older. Although before this, Tomm’s life was not easy because there were children who disregarded him and refused to speak to him because of his physical look.

On the other hand, Tomm had an excellent upbringing and several friends with whom he could play and have fun.

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In 2003, Tomm stated that he didn’t care how others perceived him because his true friends would not judge him. Tomm’s parents were able to teach their youngsters that it is our actions and how we interact with others around us that define us, not our physical looks.

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Tomm’s family has always been proud of him, knowing he is a lovely boy who should not be hidden from anybody or anything.

Today’s Tomm Tennent update. Tomm is currently 28 years old and perfectly normal.

Tomm is married and appears to have a beautiful and happy marriage.

Tomm’s tale can inspire anyone to be happy and content with what they have because physical attractiveness does not matter.