This week’s horrific earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria has left the entire world in a state of shock.

The natural disaster, which occurred on Monday and registered a 7.8 on the Richter scale, has been officially reported to have resulted in over 12,000 deaths.

A massive relief effort has begun, and thousands are scouring the rubble for survivors hiding under destroyed buildings. Although more deaths are likely, there have recently been some merciful times. Those watching in horror now have hope, thanks to these miracles.

One such incident happened in the wee hours of Wednesday when a video of a seven-year-old Syrian girl protecting her younger brother. At the same time, their home was being destroyed and went viral on social media.

The terrified siblings can be seen trapped beneath the debris in the video, which was reportedly posted to Twitter. To shield her younger sibling, the older sister is seen putting her hand over the boy’s head.

Authorities successfully rescued the children, and they are now used as a symbol for the ongoing relief efforts.

Mohammad Safa, a UN representative, stated that the sister and brother had been interred beneath the debris for 17 hours.

“The 7-year-old girl who shielded her younger brother by keeping her palm on his head while they were buried under the rubble for 17 hours has reached safety. I see no one sharing. Spread goodwill, and everyone would share if she were dead, Safa tweeted.

Survival experts claim that the survivors’ window for rescue is rapidly closing even though it is still not too late to give up hope.

According to Steven Godby, a specialist in natural hazards, the survival rate is typically 74 per cent within 24 hours, 22 per cent after 72 hours, and 6 per cent by the fifth day.

Survival experts say that while there is still time to hold onto hope, the survivors’ window of opportunity for rescue is rapidly closing.

The survival rate is typically 74% within 24 hours, 22% after 72 hours, and 6% by day five, according to natural hazards specialist Steven Godby, speaking to Sky News.