After learning that rising country music singer Jake Flint passed away just hours after his dream wedding, fans are inconsolable.

The day after his wedding on Saturday, the actor passed away quietly in his sleep, according to the actor’s publicist, Clif Doyal, who spoke to The Oklahoman.

Tragically, the country music rising star passed away

On social media, his former manager Brenda Cline confirmed the devastating news, writing: “I must communicate the tragic news that Jake Flint has passed away due to a horrible accident, and it crushes my heart and fills me with anguish.”

I made numerous attempts to write a post today, but you can’t remark on something you can’t understand.

Jake’s wife, Brenda, also uploaded audio and visual materials from their wedding to Instagram with the caption “I don’t understand.”

Tragically, the country music rising star passed away

She continued in a later statement, elaborating on her natural pain. “The human body was not intended to withstand such tremendous suffering. We’re supposed to be looking over wedding photos, but I’m choosing outfits for my spouse to be buried in instead.

All I want for him to come back to me is for him to rebuild my entire existence.” I doubt that I have much more patience with this. Without him, I am helpless.

People sent prayers, sad remarks, and sympathies, and many urged Jake’s family to be courageous during this tough time.

On December 2, Jake was expected to pick up where he left off with his tour. Tell me your name. Among his studio albums, Long Road Back Home and were two of his hits.

Tragically, the country music rising star passed away

After learning that his father had Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Jake acquired a deep love for country music (ALS).

His father hoped that it would make up for the fact that he couldn’t play sports with his son. He asked his friend for explanation. He requested a variety of abilities from his friends.