If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely spent a lot of time considering how you would respond in a life-or-death circumstance. My best guess is that we all wish we could be the hero who leaps into the raging fire to save a mother and her young children from a burning building, scales the side of an apartment building to save a young child who is dangling from the balcony on the seventh floor, or bravely fords the thin sheet of ice to save the stranded dog in the middle of the lake.

We all want to believe that we are that person. However, the reality is that until we find ourselves in a situation unexpectedly, we can never really predict how we’ll respond. The good news is that two locomotive drivers in Westchester County, New York, were able to embrace their inner heroes and save a young child who was about to wander onto a set of moving train tracks.

Two railroad workers spot 3-year-old autistic boy on train tracks – leap into action to save his life

According to reports, William Kennedy and Marcus Higgins were doing their jobs as usual when they came across a scene that almost completely altered their lives.

A young boy was seen perilously close to the Metro-North Railroad tracks near Tarrytown, New York, by Kennedy, a locomotive engineer, according to Facebook and El Diario Nueva York. The boy had wandered onto the rail track, according to WABC, and was getting closer to the electrified third rail. Kennedy, who is a father himself, claimed that he stopped his train, which was moving at 70 miles per hour, when he immediately went into “daddy mode.”.

Kennedy said, “I have four kids, so the moment I realized it was a child, ‘daddy’ kicked in and [I thought], ‘We’ve got to save this kid.'”.

Two railroad workers spot 3-year-old autistic boy on train tracks – leap into action to save his life

Facebook / El Diario Nueva York As soon as Kennedy was able to slow his train, he radioed team members for assistance. Marcus Higgins was riding a different train going the other way. Waylon, the boy found on the tracks, is reportedly nonverbal and on the autism spectrum. Waylon was clambering over them, moving between the rails, and the two locomotive engineers did their best to divert him.

“I’m yelling and waving like, go the other way,” I’m trying to say. You might not be aware of his age, though, Higgins said. Finally, Wiggins was compelled to exit his train, dash to Waylon’s aid, and transfer the youngster to a different train to take him to a station. The toddler’s mother, Aridia Bruno DeSosa, claimed that her son had fallen over a wall and ended up by the railroad tracks. She referred to the rescue of Wiggins and Kennedy as “a miracle from God.”. Waylon reportedly managed to escape the incident with only a hand splinter as a memento.

Check out the risky rescue below:.

THREE-YEAR-OLD AUTISTIC BABY SAVED BY MTA TEAM OF HEROES | Yesterday, five MTA employees were laid off after miraculously saving a three-year-old boy with autism from the Metro-North train tracks. Shawn Loughran, William Kennedy, Marcus Higgins, Max Chong, and Christopher Fraina were hailed as heroes during a MTA recognition ceremony, according to Pix11. El Diario Nueva York published this on April 26, 2023.

Thank God for these two men, who acted quickly when necessary. As a parent, I can only speculate on Waylon’s mother’s emotions. If you would also like to congratulate them, please share this article on Facebook.