The toddlers were found by their ‘distraught’ mother, who performed CPR on them until help arrived.

In a “tragic accident,” two 18-month-old infants drowned in a suburban swimming pool, according to the authorities.

On March 16 at 10:45 a.m., their mother found Locklyn and Loreli Callazzo of Oklahoma at the bottom of the pool.

An Oklahoma news site reports that police believe the incident to be a terrible accident.

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The twins’ mother, Jenny Callazzo, found them in the pool and hauled them out.

She gave CPR up until the arrival of emergency personnel.

After being taken to the hospital, Locklyn and Loreli were pronounced dead.

According to a family member, the twins’ grandmother left the back door open while she had Alzheimer’s.

According to numerous reports, the toddlers’ grandmother lives in the home with their parents and four siblings.

Mike Bernard, a neighbor, described it as upsetting.

“Small children are irreplaceable, so my prayers are with that family.”

Bernard was there as the crisis developed.

He clarified, “They pulled out two little kids and put them in different ambulances. And they were giving both young children CP ”.

“I saw a dejected motherboard an EMS van.”

To assist the family, a GoFundMe has been set up.

Godmother Dawn’s letter states, “These precious infants were taken from us far too soon.”.

“Any help with expenses would be greatly appreciated.”

“We appreciate everyone’s love and support.”