Ty Pennington was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 19, 1965. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 17 years old, and it made life difficult for him for the preceding years of his life.

Pennington admitted to Access Hollywood that he was “out of control” as a youngster. Seven times he was asked to switch schools. Only after receiving antihistamines and ADHD medication from doctors in college did he start to get better.

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When he went to the doctor, he was not pleased to hear that he had a mental disorder and required medication. “I didn’t care so much about the grades, I just knew I was frustrated,” he said.

“You don’t want to hear that as a teenager. But once I got going, I soon realised that I had a new perspective on the soccer match as I began to read it and note the players’ positions.

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“All of a sudden, I’m in the right place, and you start scoring goals, and everything comes together. It’s simply because the previously dirty and out-of-focus lens became focused. “.

His mother is so pleased with how he turned out, and he still talks about his medications today.

Ty’s television career began in 2000 when he appeared on the well-liked BBC program Trading Spaces.

Ty’s Tricks: Home Repair Secrets Plus Cheap and Easy Projects to Transform Any Room, which he later published, is the book’s title. It became a hit and was listed among the New York Times bestsellers.

They had a wish, and I wanted to grant it. We then began experimenting with various concepts. With six or seven designers, the company proposed building a house in seven days, and chaos followed, Ty recalled.

“However, the show kind of creates itself, which is what I love about it. It evolved into the type of show it is now, where everyone gets involved, rather than the original show they had planned, which was more about the chaos of building a house. It is incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever have a better job than this one. “.

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Ty’s career was going great guns, but he was barely finding time for anything else in his life, including his social life.

In 2019, he admitted to not seeing his family or girlfriend for ten years to The Atlanta Constitution. After doing my laundry, I would leave the house once more. People from the old TV show complimented me, saying, “My God! You look amazing!” I’ve gotten some rest because I look much better now than I did then. “

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Later, he married his stunning fiancée Kellee Merrell, 33.

He popped the question earlier this year, and Pennington posted a picture of the couple’s hands, with his fiancee showing off a sizeable teardrop-shaped diamond.

“I say ‘yes’ to that. The caption stated, “.

I have long admired Kellee from a distance, Pennington said to People. She is a lovely person on the inside and out. Our paths finally came together, which is fortunate. You just feel content being around someone when it happens. She changed my perception of marriage, which I had never previously held. I’m glad I waited for him. “.