The divorce of Violeta after 30 years of marriage surprised everyone. Though she had planned to enjoy her second youth, she was abruptly forced to start over. Thankfully, her optimism and hope led her to find happiness once more.

I thought for a long time about writing to you, but I lacked the courage and felt ashamed. At this point, I am okay with what happened. My friend was considerate and well-mannered around me.

We wanted to relive the romance of our youth when our children finished school and got married. In order to eventually retire, we made the decision to construct a home in the mountains. Even though things didn’t go as planned, I still hold onto those memories.

Unexpected divorce after 30 years of marriage

My husband came clean about his love life with another person two years ago. He announced his intention to move in with her after a period of dating. It broke my heart.

Not at all what I expected. We were watching TV when he told me the startling news. But he dealt with it so gracefully. He must have known that it would be painful for me. He was, however, made to stop telling me lies.

He had my undying love. I thought we were content. I was wrong, though. I’m trying to reassemble the puzzle so I can live again. I must try, despite how challenging it is.

I was glad to be sitting in an armchair when he told me because I lacked the courage to approach him and demand an explanation. Through my tears, all I could ask was, “What about me? The following day, he packed his belongings and left. I was furious, but I couldn’t blame the woman who had caught his eye.

I regretted missing his transformation and letting him leave without seeing it. Shortly after, I got a divorce notice. The kids told me that I had suffered a great deal for nothing in my fight to save him. In my opinion, supporting him in battle would have been pointless.

Later on, he would regret his decision. I knew it for a fact. I started a new life in this manner. Rather than looking for someone to fill the void in my heart, I sought peace. I went on vacation, met new people, and strengthened my bonds with people I already cared about. At that time, my husband came home as well. He was ill and had a terrible appearance. He wanted to contact us once more, but I believed it was too late.

I didn’t truly understand how much suffering he had caused me until I started to feel resentful. I came to understand that he had merely used me as a “poor weather cloak”—someone to keep him safe when things got tough, but not someone he actually cared about. I asked him to leave my house politely in the same cool way that he had told me he was in love with someone else. I advised him to go to his family and be with the woman he loved because he belonged there and not next to them.

He still wants to patch things up with his kids despite the fact that he is single and no longer living with his ex-wife. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, so even if he fell in love, he would never get married again. He decides to live it wisely and quietly because he is 55 years old and life is still worth living.