Dogs are the most devoted and dependable of all friends.

Ask 25-year-old Byron, who would not be present today without his canine friend Geo.

Byron, a resident of Gloucester, England, suffered from a severe case of depression after a relationship ended. He hit the bottle to drown out his suffering and his demons.

Byron built a noose and wrote his loved ones a final letter before taking his own life after engaging in heavy drinking for several months.

He decided to end his life and was ready to do so.

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However, one house resident refused to watch his best friend say goodbye.

The 25-year-old Byron Taylor believed he had hit rock bottom and could not see a way out.

One day, when he was completely drunk, he built a noose. He then reportedly went downstairs to write a final letter to his family, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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But when Byron returned upstairs, he saw that Geo had something in his mouth.

Geo, a six-year-old Welsh bullmastiff, was biting the rope while Byron was downstairs. Byron attempted to take the string back, but Geo resisted.

At first, Byron thought Geo only wanted to play. He soon realized, though, that the dog was being serious. Geo gritted his teeth as if he would bite Byron if he tried to wrestle the rope out of his mouth because he had somehow seen what Byron would do.

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When Geo finally let go of the rope, it was in ruins.

According to Byron, Geo is why he is still alive today.

In some ways, Geo knew what I would achieve. They possess a sixth sense when it comes to this kind of thing. Byron says, “He knew there was a problem.

Geo’s quick action derailed Byron’s plan and changed his perspective.

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A few years later, Byron experienced another devastating setback despite his best efforts to cope with his sadness.

Geo’s severe tumor had a slim chance of surviving over a few days.

Although the veterinarians made every effort to save the dog, they could not. Byron covered Geo’s medical expenses through an online fundraising campaign.

Byron decided to do everything he could to help Geo enjoy his last days.

Even though he is no longer with us, he will always be grateful to his best friend for giving him the greatest gift of all—life.

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