A picture submitted by Pedro Bras shows how seriously firefighters take their work. The image showed how committed the firefighters are to their work. They are prepared to put their lives in danger to save others. Firefighters take their work very seriously because it’s a serious career.

The firefighters of Portugal are doing a fantastic job putting out the forest fire. There is an urgent need for more firefighters, who are currently working around the clock to contain the fire.

This year’s fire left 25 people injured and significantly damaged a number of locations. Portugal was devastated by two terrible fires in June and October of the previous year, which resulted in 114 fatalities.

What the bystander saw on the lawn astounded him

The firefighters in the photograph had been putting out a significant fire nonstop all day and night. They are operating in hazardous circumstances despite being worn out. Pedro showed a picture of them taking a break by the river and noted that the air was thick with smoke.

The firefighters took a 25-minute break to unwind by a river after working nonstop for 24 hours.

It has been getting hotter and hotter, reaching an all-time high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit on August 5. More firefighters volunteered to help in addition to the 13 planes that dropped water on the fire. 160 soldiers were requested to assist with the evacuation efforts, according to AWM.

Before going viral, the picture received over 9,000 likes, 1,300 comments, and over 5,900 shares. The efforts of the firefighters were praised by a large number of people.

What the bystander saw on the lawn astounded him

In addition to thanking the firefighters, many people also shared the photos. Every firefighter in the world, according to Manja Knofel, is a hero in their own right. Another user, Sweetie Racch from Paris, said they merited “rest and credit” for their excellent work.

The fireworks show in Portugal this year ended tragically with multiple firefighters killed or hurt. The police had hoped that things would be better this year since the tragedy that occurred the year before had also overshadowed the exhibition.

Firefighters tried to put out the fire, but the fireworks continued to go off. The firefighters did their best, according to Prime Minister Antonio Costa, but it wasn’t enough.

May God bless all of these firefighters who, unlike most of us, have the courage to run toward a burning building. These courageous men are being sent prayers.