Many professionals in the entertainment sector are putting a lot of effort into putting reforms into place that should make film sets safer for those who work on them. After cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally injured on October 21 by Alec Baldwin’s prop gun, those efforts were intensified.

Even though not every incident on set ends tragically in death, injuries are frequent. For instance, Harrison Ford suffered a critical injury in June while filming “Indiana Jones 5”.

What We Know About Indiana Jones 5’s Tragic Death On Location

The actor “sustained an injury involving his shoulder” while “rehearsing for a fight scene,” according to Disney, the company behind the project. The film’s production was suspended while Ford needed three months to recover, according to the New York Post.

Ford was eventually able to recover and resume production on the movie, but sadly, one of the crew members was discovered dead. However, in this instance, it doesn’t seem as though the circumstances are connected to an accident at all, but rather to something completely different.

Harrison Ford had only been back on the “Indiana Jones 5” set for two weeks when tragedy struck, according to the New York Post. Nic Cupac, a cameraman who worked on the movie in Morocco, passed away at the age of 54.

The Sun claimed that Cupac’s death was due to natural causes, but Disney confirmed the passing to the source and added that Cupac died in his Fes hotel room. Ford does not appear to have commented on the incident, but according to a movie spokesman who spoke to the Washington Post, Cupac’s “unexpected death was not production related. “.

What We Know About Indiana Jones 5’s Tragic Death On Location

The Sun additionally reported that Cupac was in Morocco to put together a rickshaw scenario. While at first glance that may not sound exciting, it appears to have involved a crucial stunt that necessitated the airlifting in of 100 crew members.

IMDb claims that Cupac has over the years worked as a camera operator and grip on a number of well-known movies, including “Cruella,” “Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Star Wars: Episode VIII.”. “.

The spokesperson continued, “Our thoughts are with Nic Cupac’s family and friends. He was a remarkably gifted colleague and active participant in the film industry who will be sorely missed. “.

I’m heartbroken,” one person who knew Cupac reportedly said, expressing the sentiments of many others, according to the Sun. Nic was a really cool guy. The same goes for Cupac’s friends, family, and coworkers.