As we progress through life, we all have to deal with getting older. Even models eventually develop wrinkles and sagging skin as they age. This former supermodel received negative feedback when she posted the photos online, despite continuing to appear in bikinis.

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Paulina Porizkova was born in 1965, and she began her modeling career just 15 years later. She gradually rose to prominence in the modeling industry and graced the covers of numerous prestigious publications.

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She appeared in a number of movies, TV episodes, and music videos in addition to magazines. She has recently established a reputation for speaking candidly about aging, grief, loss, and other issues.

She has continued to fully immerse herself in the modeling industry at the age of 57 and with more than 40 years of experience, despite what the critics claim. She keeps on distributing photographs of herself presenting in swimming outfits.

She continued, “I am a 57-year-old lady, and it seems to suggest that in society, you lose your license to show off in bikinis as well when you reach middle age.” Porizkova frequently discusses the criticism she receives for promoting herself as a model at her age. She has been referred to as “too old to be doing this” or “a desperate grandma,” but she never takes it personally and defends herself.

She was previously hitched for a very long time to Ric Ocasek, the late frontman of the incredible stone gathering The Vehicles. The marriage’s ups and downs were openly discussed by the former supermodel. She asserted that the relationship between the two had soured over the prior few months.

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“I just noticed that we shared less and less, and we communicated less, and then he sort of stopped desiring me,” she said in an interview after his death.

In depicting her considerations then, at that point, she said, “Since I was hitting my late 40s and mid 50s, I assume I figured, perhaps he doesn’t fancy me since I’m aging.”

Notwithstanding, she actually endeavors to protect Ocasek’s memory of their pleasant times together.

She presently intensely upholds women becoming older normally without going through maturing reverse a medical procedure. She hopes that more women will decide to accept their aging bodies and their inherent attractiveness. She declared, “I want to remain an unchanged older woman.”

She says, “What I like about my face now, at 57, is that it’s like a really good novel of the history of my life like it’s all written into my face.” She expresses admiration for her aging appearance on a regular basis.

She generally underlines the benefit of letting oneself age and how it is a beautiful normal interaction for other more established ladies and, surprisingly, more youthful ones. She continued, “Look at what I’m doing at my age.” We need more women to embrace aging and continue to promote it. We must make older people cool. I’m attempting.”

She is absolutely stunning for her age! Find out what other people think of her views on aging by discussing this inspiring article with them!