Each of us experiences the natural ageing process. However, society seems fixated on wanting to look as young as possible.

Some countless creams and serums promise to make us “healthier, younger,” and wellness programs keep us as physically fit as someone 20 years younger than us. However, many people are not eager to accept our age.

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“You have to choose whether or not you want to get older. She had a choice, Andie MacDowell told Harpers Bazaar.

Princess Diana was “devastated” by Prince Charles’ unexpected letter to her the evening before their wedding. The night before their wedding, Princess Diana received a surprise letter from Prince Charles, which left her feeling “devastated. “.

The actress, 64, has always been the picture of beauty, but a reporter started questioning her looks as she got closer to 40. To maintain her radiant appearance, MacDowell began to embrace her new look rather than relying on the tens of thousands of products readily available on the market.

A Wilhelmina Models representative approached Andie MacDowell while she was in Los Angeles, which is how her career got started. In 1978, she penned a contract with Elite Model Management in New York City.

She was a model for Vogue at the start of the 1980s, and she appeared in several Yves Saint Laurent, Armani perfume, Mink International, Anne Klein, and other commercials. A series of Times sq\. billboards and Calvin Klein television advertisements made her part in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, possible.

After landing her first acting role, she began transitioning from modelling to acting.

She kept up her modelling career and appeared in more movies. Since 1986, she has acted as a brand ambassador for L’Oreal and has been featured in print and television commercials for the business.

But as time passed, more talented actors began filling the prominent roles MacDowell had previously played. In a 2016 Fox News interview, she talked about her desire to work despite being passed over.

“I genuinely take care of myself, so I decline to go. Because I enjoy my job and feel respected and valuable in it, I want to work. I might not always play the lead or receive the same significant roles as I did in the past because so many films are geared toward young people, but I will continue doing it because I enjoy it. I’m always able to find work. I’m still here, even though things may be more clear-cut and straightforward than they once were.

Younger faces were also sought after by Hollywood in addition to younger actors.

After turning 40, a reporter inquired how it felt to grow older and “lose her attractiveness” of a now-64-year-old actress.

I couldn’t believe it, MacDowell said. I reassured her that I didn’t think my attractiveness was waning but was shifting.

She pointed out that this is a normal part of ageing and evolution. “Aging does not cause you to lose your beauty. “.

After going through some changes during the epidemic and after that question was asked more than twenty years ago, MacDowell is now savouring her beauty.

My hair began turning silver while my girls stayed next door to me during COVID. They would always look at me and say, “You look badass, and you’ve got to keep this,” she recalled.

Although grey hair is a telltale sign of ageing, MacDowell “fell in love” with her new look and accepted it wholeheartedly.

I have to admit, I’ve never felt more beautiful. I’m not urging everybody to perform this. But I enjoy it.

She admits that going through those experiences was sometimes complicated. Still, she believes that other women will eventually learn to accept the bodies they were given and the changes they go through in their lifetimes.

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Time travel is not possible, but it is an adventure. I have never felt ashamed of my age and don’t intend to pass for someone else. I want to be optimistic about where I am at each stage of my life, and she told Vogue in 2018.

There’s no doubt that ageing will have an impact on us all.

“In my opinion, whether or not you enjoy getting older is a personal choice. It was a decision, she said in the NPR interview. “I appreciate that people don’t mind that I’m ageing. As we age, we become more beautiful; we should all be aware of this.