Michael Jackson died in 2009 after a catastrophic cardiac episode induced by a combination of medications provided by his doctor.

The cause of death is a mix of drugs provided by Michael Jackson’s doctor.

The issues arose when it came time to settle his inheritance because the value of his likeness and image had to be determined. The Michael Jackson estate stated that the debates and videos revisiting the purported Neverland events had significantly reduced the value of Jackson’s reputation.


The estate used this information to show how detrimental the accusations were and how much they affected Jackson’s overall net worth. Jackson made little money from his celebrity in the years leading up to his death.

The estate’s exact value was determined in 2021 when a court judgement revealed that it was only worth $111 million, far less than the initial estimate of $482 million.

According to the Associated Press, published in USA Today, Michael Jackson’s fortune went entirely to his mother and three children.


According to the Associated Press, there were more than a dozen barriers before the final evaluation. The estate was finally settled 13 years after his death, and many attempts to restore the King of Pop’s reputation were in the works, including a Broadway musical and a play in Las Vegas.