Joanna and Chip Gaines recently completed a mind-blowing castle renovation in Waco, Texas. In addition to their interior design project, the couple is also busy raising their five children, who range in age from 17 to 4. The family’s eldest son, Drake, has moved out, but for good reasons because he has started college. Drake’s residence hasn’t been made known, but Joanna did speak openly about the family transition in Magnolia Journal.

Why did Joanna and Chip Gaines’ son Drake leave their enormous family home?

Drake, our eldest son, will soon leave for college. In the grand scheme of sadistic things, this one comes with great thanks and enthusiasm. But my first child is moving out, which will change our family’s dynamic and may feel like a loss in and of itself. Joanna has Crew, her youngest son, to keep her occupied while she misses her older son. Updates about their time together are frequently posted by the celebrity.

This month, the group was discovered creating a painting of yellow daffodils in bloom in the garden of their residence. Alongside the adorable video, Joanna said, “The little artist is feeling quite inspired by the flowers.

Why did Joanna and Chip Gaines’ son Drake leave their enormous family home?

Another family video showed Crew admiring the entire garden, which had endless rows of beautiful flowerbeds. It was clear to Joanna’s admirers that the little one was having a great time. “Crew is having the time of his life! He needs to get his program! He will show everyone the importance of love and kindness as well as how to stop and smell the roses.

Did you know that Chip and Joanna both graduated from the same university, Baylor University, in 1998 with degrees in marketing and business administration and communications, respectively, but they did not meet there?