In the middle of the 2000s, Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson was a well-liked pop music performer. She also served as The Black Eyed Peas lone female band member when her solo album, The Dutchess, was released in 2006.

After that, she enjoyed a string of successes with the Black Eyed Peas, including the timeless hits “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Gotta Feeling,” as well as tremendous success with her own songs, including the ballads “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Fergalicious.”. The eight-time Grammy winner, however, has recently become less well known. Why haven’t we heard from Fergie in a while, and when will she come back?

Contrary to popular belief, Fergie is still a part of the band The Black Eyed Peas, but she is taking a break from the group that gave her her first big break.

In early June 2017, social media erupted over rumours that will, as previously reported by Nicki Swift. The Ahlan! magazine had been informed by i . am that Fergie was no longer involved. Fergie’s agent swiftly refuted the rumour.

The singer told The Associated Press that she was “focusing on her new album and is excited for fans to hear it.”. Will. Additionally, it was said that “Fergie is family and will always be a Pea.”. We firmly back her solo album, which she is currently working on. “Everyone is aware of my unwavering love and support for my @bep brothers,” Fergie wrote in a tweet supporting her bandmates. “.

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The new professional relationship is unusual, but there are no resentments between the former coworkers. Radio. Com interviewed Fergie in 2016. “I know the guys; we’re all musicians with a passion for making things. I’m happy for everyone who needs to make music in their lives; all we have to do is smile at one another. “.

Fergie’s eagerly anticipated sophomore album, Double Dutchess, has been promoted for almost five years!

The musician is aware of the mounting excitement surrounding the album’s release. She met with EW to talk about the delays in September 2017.

“I won’t forgo the opportunity to spend time with my child. That is simply not possible, she told the magazine. “Since I’m with Axl, they can keep knocking on my door to release an album. This does not imply that Fergie would dial in before she had reserved some studio time. Instead, it says, “I am not connected to anything! Bye!”. She told EW, “I’ve never taken on this much responsibility.”. I worked hard to make the album’s executive producer sound better. I aspired to reach new heights and excel.

In 2014, Fergie started releasing three songs as album appetisers, but none reached the top 40.

“L. A. Love,” a 2014 release, reached its highest point at No. Number 27 on the Billboard Hot 100. The lead single from that album was supposed to be that song, but it did poorly on the charts. A Pop Dust hater claims that “L. A. We’ve already heard one of those catchy DJ Mustard songs ten times, and “Love (La La)” isn’t much more than a dry geography lesson. Ouch.

With the acidic, techno-heavy “M,” Fergie’s sound changed in July 2016. I. L. F. $. Despite its well-liked music video, in which Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian played famous mothers, the second song did considerably worse than the first.

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The song was utterly bizarre in the eyes of the critics. It reached its highest position at No. Before leaving, the Hot 100, at position 34.

Late in 2016, “Life Goes On,” the third hit for the pop singer, was released. Although this song was more reflective and emphasised Fergie’s voice more, it failed to gain traction and only peaked at No. Rank 39 on the Adult Pop Songs chart on Billboard. The Hot 100 in no way included it.

Variety claims that the “mild reaction” to her new music in 2017 “seemed surprising” given how long it takes to compose.

In May 2017, Fergie and her former record company, Interscope Records, split. Variety was informed that “the decision to part ways was made” by a label spokesman. We attended the concert together, and Fergie worries us all. “.

To establish her label, Dutchess Music, which would give her more creative freedom and control, Fergie quickly negotiated a record deal with BMG after leaving Interscope. “With Double Dutchess, Fergie has produced something so creative that it redefines who she is as an artist,” BMG CEO Jon Cohen said in a statement to Variety praising the new collaboration. Her incredible output has done the work we’ve done together, one of my most exciting projects with BMG, and we can’t wait for it to be released. “.

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Family is Fergie’s top priority. She claimed in an interview with Radio. Com to have “put everything into being a parent, a wife, and doing this record,” but after eight years of marriage to actor Josh Duhamel, the couple announced their divorce in September 2017.

We decided to separate as a couple earlier this year with the utmost love and respect, the couple said in a joint statement. “We wanted to give our family the best chance to adjust before releasing this information to the public. Supporting each other and our family has always been a priority for us. “.

Less than a year into their marriage, the couple experienced one of their many ups and downs when Duhamel was accused of cheating with a stripper. After overcoming that obstacle, the couple seemed to be doing better than ever and enjoying life with their baby Axl, but there were undoubtedly issues behind the scenes.

Axl Jack, the couple’s first child, was born in August 2013. A few months later, during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the new mother couldn’t stop talking about her child, whom she describes as a “mini-me” of her husband.

The 42-year-old working professional makes time for her child despite her busy schedule. While shooting the music video for “M,” she shared a lovely picture of her adorable toddler on Instagram. I. L. F. $. Those two might find that song to be a little uncomfortable.

Everything is based on the Google Calendar, according to Fergie, who stated this in August 2017. We need to be incredibly organised in our planning because we want [our son] Axl to come first. Everything is colour-coded and arranged into categories. While it’s not simple, we’re working to achieve that because we care about him, even though it’s not easy. “.

Since she revealed her sexual orientation as bisexual in a 2009 interview, Fergie has been a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights.

At NYC Pride in 2016, she was the event’s main attraction. The time has come. I’ve always wished I could participate in Pride. She referred to the tragic shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub when she said, “It was such an honour, and because of what happened, it took on much more significance. As she climbed the platform, Fergie declared, “We will not let anyone make us live in fear, and we will not allow anyone to destroy our PRIDE.”.

According to USA Today, Fergie has collaborated with many organisations to raise money and awareness for the HIV/AIDS fight. The MAC Aids Fund and amfAR are two of these organisations.

She has also consistently backed The Trevor Project, a group that works to stop teen suicide by members of LGBTQ communities. In 2011, she made a statement against bullying at Trevor Live.

The speaker said, “When someone bullies you, you feel embarrassed because you’re being bullied, and you don’t want to talk about it because you’re embarrassed.”. “In contrast, the bully should be humiliated, not the victim. “.