Will Smith issued a public letter to Chris Rock following a slap on the platform of the 2022 Oscars, right after the comedian made a joke about his wife, Jada Smith, who suffers from alopecia.

Will Smith, the most recent Oscar winner, claimed on Instagram that his behaviour is improper and unacceptable. He also apologised publicly to Chris Rock.

Will Smith’s statement to Chris Rock as he walked the stage at the Academy Awards in 2022: “It was just too much for me.”

“I want to apologise to Chris officially,” Will Smith tweeted.

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“Violence in all of its forms is deadly and destructive,” the Hollywood actor wrote on Instagram.

“My behaviour at last night’s Academy Awards was terrible and without explanation. On the work, jokes about me are anticipated, but one regarding my wife’s health was too much for me, and I felt upset,” Will Smith said.

Furthermore, the actor apologised to the American Film Academy and the Williams family.

“I truly regret that my actions have tarnished what could have been an otherwise beautiful evening for all of us,” he wrote.

The reaction of the American Film Academy to Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock.

The American Film Academy has condemned the violence and stated that it would investigate the situation.

“We have formally launched an investigation into the incident and will consider further action and repercussions in accordance with our California Bylaws, Standards of Conduct, and Law,” the US Film Academy said in a statement.

What Will Smith Stands to Lose as a Result of His Attack on Chris Rock

Is Will Smith in danger of losing his Oscar or eligibility for future Oscars? It was all because he violated the event’s code of conduct. The actor and his crew hope their apologies will be sufficient to save their award and connection with the Academy.