Willie Nelson has been entertaining audiences for more than 60 years, and he has no plans to stop.

The renowned singer-songwriter will turn 90 years old later this month. But he continues to put in the same amount of effort as he always has, writing incredible songs and making sure his devoted fans have every chance to see him perform live.

Nelson will celebrate his impending milestone birthday while on tour. In 1962, Nelson signed his first sizable recording deal with Liberty Records. The famous person discussed the potential in a recent interview with AARP, noting that while employment wasn’t necessary for him, it was still advantageous.

He asserted that working helped him, no matter what kind of show it was.

Willie Nelson explains why he’s still touring at age 90.

“I’ll be there for two days, which will be a lot of fun, and many of my close friends will be there to say hello and sing with me. I’m excited to go through it. ”.

Even though the phenomenon of well-known entertainers continuing to perform long after retirement is nothing terribly new, there are differences between performing live music on a multi-show tour and appearing in film or television roles or lending your voice to a project. David Attenborough (96), Michael Caine (89), and Dick Van Dyke (97) are some examples.

Nelson is still able to plan events and stage spectacular performances, though. Not bad for a man who is almost in his ninth decade on Earth!

The musician told AARP that when his close friend Norman Lear recently turned 100, she told him, “I’ve been telling everybody it’s just a number,” according to the singer. Indeed, it’s just a number, he said.

The artist, who is originally from Texas, continued by saying that he was always ready to hop back on the tour bus and see more new places.

I quit my job after every tour, Willie said in jest. But I’m always ready to come back. I like riding the bus. I have everything I need on the bus. I’ve never been forced to go inside a hotel room. Not that terrible, really. ”.

Even though it might not be awful, I find it amazing that Willie Nelson still has the strength to perform in front of so many people while under pressure.

Willie Nelson explains why he’s still touring at age 90.

If I live that long and have half the voice he has at that age, I’ll be a very happy man. ”.

Nelson has been singing for such a long time that it is remarkable that he still has the same smooth voice.

He said, “I think singing is good for my voice,” in a recent interview. ”.

I no longer take many actions that might damage it. If you do not use it, you lose it. ”.

Happy 90th birthday to Willie Nelson, and many more to come, from me.

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