On social media, the incredible story of a woman who was declared dead for 27 minutes before being revived has gone viral. But her point is genuinely original.

A picture of the woman’s tattoo has gone viral on social media because of its amazing backstory. It is on her wrist. Although the writing on the tattoo at first glance appears to be illegible, closer examination reveals the words “It’s real. ”.

An amazing backstory surrounds Madie Johnson’s tattoo. Her aunt Tina, who fought valiantly to survive an unanticipated cardiac arrest a year ago, is honored by the tattoo. Tina was able to remain composed and defend herself despite the terrifying situation. That toughness and tenacity are beautifully commemorated by the tattoo.

Woman passes away for 27 minutes before being revived. Her message is amazing

Tina’s uncle Brian and emergency personnel were able to revive her after doctors initially believed she had passed away. After being admitted to the hospital, Tina was placed on a defibrillator, and after some time, she awoke. Next, she asked for a pen.

According to Madie’s post, Tina reportedly wrote in a journal, “It’s real,” and then pointed to heaven while sobbing. Reports claim that Tina was declared dead for 27 minutes before being brought back to life.

Madie is one of many people who have drawn inspiration from Tina’s story. Tina’s story astounded Madie with how accurate and timely it is, and how it has actually given her hope for the future.

The way Madie admired her aunt’s outspoken love for Jesus and other people has influenced the way Madie wants to live and love.

Woman passes away for 27 minutes before being revived. Her message is amazing

Tina’s niece Madie visited her after she was released from the hospital, and Madie shared pictures of the visit on Instagram. The post has received more than 22,000 likes, and comments from readers express their emotions regarding the reunion.

Tina Marie received numerous compliments in the post’s comments section for her bravery and faith. As with you, it had a profound emotional impact on me and boosted my faith, a user wrote. Thank you for letting me know. I wish your aunt Tina quick and complete recovery. Another user wished that “May we all carry on Tina Marie’s legacy of faith.

The lives of many people are impacted and shaped by their faith. It has helped people get through challenging situations, deal with challenging people, and hold onto hope when everything else seems lost.

When it comes to making decisions, understanding difficult concepts, and leading a meaningful life, religion can be a source of support and guidance for those who practice it. Faith can also give courage and support when facing challenges that seem insurmountable.

Woman passes away for 27 minutes before being revived. Her message is amazing

When it’s hard to keep the courage or the will to go on, faith can be a source of inspiration and confidence. Ultimately, faith plays a significant role in many people’s lives and can support them in maintaining their drive to achieve their goals and lead meaningful lives.

No matter what religion someone follows, having faith can be a source of strength and guidance. Numerous religions have practices and teachings that aid followers in connecting with something greater than themselves.

Through prayer, meditation, worship, or other spiritual activities, people can gain awareness of how their beliefs align with the values they aspire to uphold, and they can then use those teachings to guide their behavior.

Faith can also be a source of comfort and peace in difficult times because it gives us the assurance that everything will work out in the end and that there is always something greater than our present difficulties.