Tina suffered a heart attack while hiking with Brian, her husband of 30 years. When Brian noticed that she wasn’t breathing, he was the first to begin performing CPR because of her critical condition.

He was able to save her, which was fortunate. But between the time the ambulance arrived and the moment she was finally taken to the hospital, Tina came perilously close to dying numerous times. She required medical assistance for resuscitation a total of six times. Thus, Tina was “dead” for a total of 27 minutes.

The mother of four was given the immediate medical attention she needed, but she died and was unable to speak. Brian prayed for Tina every day and night. He begged God to save her and return her to him. When the medical staff told him she had at last become conscious, he realized his dream had come true.

The danger to Tina persisted. She gathered her courage and motioned for a pen and paper. The doctors, as well as her family, were aware that she had important things to say. When they handed her the pen, she scrawled something spooky on the paper. Her words, according to those present, sent shivers down their spines.

Learn about her remarkable survival, near-death experience, and chilling message by watching the video below.

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