In your mind’s eye, if I ask you to picture a bear, you’ll probably see a majestic animal covered in fur that dwarfs most other carnivores on the planet. Meet Eve, then. Her rescuers weren’t even sure she was a bear when they first discovered her. It was difficult to tell that Eve was actually one of the most proud animals on the planet because she was hairless, pink, covered in scabs, and devoid of her dignity.

On Christmas Eve 2017, she was rescued from Placer County, California, by the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, beginning her arduous recovery journey.

UPDATE: You likely recall Eve, the “bare bear,” who was nearly unrecognizably malnourished and covered in mange when…posted by The Humane Society of the United States on December 27, 2018.

Dubbed “Eve” due to the day she was found, the young black bear was afforded a place at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. They discovered she had severe mange and was smaller than expected because her lack of food had slowed her growth.

Fortunately for Eve, she received thorough treatment for the lice that were feeding on her skin, and regular baths began to heal her coat. Her progress wasn’t what the staff had hoped for by April, about four months later. On Facebook the center wrote: “We did see fur regrowth on sections of her body during her last exam, but it is very sparse, overall. She does still have some crustiness on her cervical and upper thoracic spine area and oddly, that is where a lot of her fur growth is as well. When her caregivers approach, she frequently exits the water and leaves the area drenched from her splashing and playing. “She has taken to her pools,” a caregiver said.

The recovery By July, however, the mange had all but gone, even if Eve continued to fight skin infections and required medication. “There is no doubt, we all want her to be healthy and have the opportunity for a good quality of life,” the center then wrote. “Only time will tell us what tomorrow brings, but for now it is still our fervent wish that she is able to return to the wild one day. ”.

EVE UPDATE: We’ve been bringing you the story of Eve, a black bear, who was completely hairless and starving, but she’s…Posted by The Humane Society of the United States on Sunday, December 30, 2018.

Eventually, the Wildfire Center came to the decision that it was best for Eve that she stayed living in captivity, as her lack of fur could have endangered her life. That, along with the California wildfires that ravaged the State at the back-end of last year, meant it wasn’t viable to release her. However, all wasn’t bad for Eve. The center have started to raise funds to ensure she has her forever home. They said: “We have always been committed to Eve’s care and have always put her best interest foremost — just as we do now. We will continue our commitment and are in the initial stages of preparing Eve for a Forever Home at our sister animal sanctuary, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Texas.

“Eve will remain here in our care, while we work together to raise funds for a state of the art, large habitat that Eve can forever call home. We know it won’t be easy or inexpensive — it already costs us close to $500 every week just to care for her here — bears aren’t cheap house-guests; they’ll literally eat you out of house and home! :-)”.

Eve (also known as the Bare Bear) greeting her Caregivers at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. What a beautiful girl!The staff and volunteers at Black Beauty Ranch can’t wait to meet you!Posted by Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch on Sunday, December 23, 2018.

It’s thanks to a number of extremely kind people that Eve has been given a second chance in life. We think the transformation is truly something special! If you agree that Eve’s turn around is spectacular, share this article on Facebook!