Sibling love may be so beautiful because it is so unconditional.

As brothers and sisters, we fight, call each other names, incite rage, etc. Your siblings will support you no matter what happens in the end.

I am fortunate to have close relationships with both my sisters and brothers.

No matter how I felt or how close we were as friends, I would do anything to assist them if they needed it.

This is why this particular story so moved me. It centres on Chris Garafola, a native of Vermont, and Brittany, Brittany’s older sister, with Down syndrome.

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As they got older, their bond only got closer. Because of this, Chris knew Brittany would be crucial to their wedding when he met Tatiana and eventually proposed to her.

Chris and Tatiana put off their nuptials until Brittany could witness them. As a result of her illness, Brittany’s immune system was weakened. She had to get her COVID-19 shot before going to social events.

In February 2021, Brittany received her immunisation, enabling Chris and Tatiana to start preparing for their wedding.

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Late in March of the same year, Chris, a male model, uploaded a video to his YouTube channel in which Tatiana could be seen talking on FaceTime with Brittany.

When Tatiana asked Brittany a question, she was rendered speechless. Brittany was shocked to learn that her younger brother was getting married.

Brittany cried happily and answered, “Sure, I can be your maid of honour. Do you know what else I wanted to ask you? “.

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As a result, Brittany served as the maid of honourna’s April 2021 wedding.

The newlyweds then revealed that as a special memento of the event, they had given Brittany a one-of-a-kind ring as a surprise.

Since day one, she has been my best friend, and getting married won’t change that, according to Chris.

Unsurprisingly, pictures of Chris, Tatiana, and Brittany quickly gained popularity online. The affection shown in the photographs can warm even the hardest of hearts.

In the video below, Chris and Tatiana tell Brittany the following.

Chris and Brittany’s love for each other as siblings is contagious. Incredibly cute.

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