The idea that their kids might be abandoned in the world to fend for themselves is something that no parent would ever consider. Nobody wants to imagine a time when their children may be adopted by others because they are no longer able to care for them. Nobody plans for a time when their children will be orphans when they have children and bring them into the world. Bringing up kids while working a 9–5 job is difficult enough with two parents. Well, there is a 20-year-old who raises her 5 siblings while working the tables at night and standing all day.

Following the passing of their father in 2016, Samantha Rodriguez, a resident of Orange County, Florida, refused to watch as her siblings were divided up and placed in various foster homes. Samantha was only 17 years old when Alexander Rodriguez, who had lymphoma, passed away at age 44. Her mother, Lisa Smith, had passed away from cervical cancer at the age of 35 in 2013, which was three years earlier. As an alternative, she is raising her 5 siblings by herself.

The children could have been taken in by some family members, but no one could accommodate all six of them. Somehow, somehow, they’d have to be split apart. Samantha stated in an interview with People . com that she wasn’t going to watch her close-knit family be torn apart while she grieved [1]. I made the decision that I had to do everything within my power to help these kids, she says. “There was no way I was going to permit our separation. “.

21-Year-Old Takes On Raising Her Five Siblings After Both Parents Die From Cancer

In spite of all odds.

Destiny, who is 7 years old, Bella, who is 9 years old, Michael, who is 12 years old, Brenda, who is 14 years old, and Milagros, who is 16 years old, are all old enough to understand what their older sister saved them from. Michael expresses gratitude for his incredible big sister by saying, “I don’t know where we would be without Sam, but I know it wouldn’t be good.”. Samantha wished for our family to remain intact. It is very important to us. “.

Milagros stated. These kids are fully aware that Samantha should be living her best life at the age of 20, putting her attention on herself, her goals, and trying out different careers while being wild and free. But she abandoned everything to keep them safe. In a harsh, cold world, she made the decision to keep them together and to serve as both their mother and father.

Lourdes, the 76-year-old grandmother, is the kids’ official legal guardian. However, because of her arthritis, she isn’t always able to assist as she would like. In order to start over, the kids and their father relocated to Georgia after their mother passed away in 2013. In contrast to their mother’s hard work as a cleaner, he had a drinking problem and wasn’t always present. He stepped up to be there for his children, though, after she passed away. They had to relocate once more to Orlando, where Samantha found work as a waitress, sadly, after he passed away there three years later.

Samantha would work nights serving at a restaurant in addition to caring for her siblings during the day, making meals, attending to doctor’s appointments, running errands, doing laundry, and generally doing everything both parents would do to care for the kids. She is a unique, real-life heroine. “They merit every single thing. When I see these kids, I have faith that everything will work out, says Samantha.

There is always assistance available.

Samantha claims to be completely astounded by the amount of help the family has been receiving from the neighborhood and even from complete strangers. Jesus Santana, Samantha’s boyfriend of two years, has been a huge support for her and has helped her a lot. Samantha is grateful for him. When the neighborhood Sheriff station stepped in to handle supplies, preparations, and everything in between, December 2018 had been a lovely Christmas for the family.

An anonymous donor donated money earlier this year, and well-meaning town residents gave Samantha’s family a car as a gift. Her ability to organize her activities with the kids has greatly benefited from this much-needed gift. I am absolutely floored by the support we’ve gotten, says Samantha. It serves as a reminder that everything will turn out fine. “Samantha and her siblings have a GoFundMe page that was started in April 2019 and has already received a startling $116,115 from generous donors all over the world.

In recent years, cancer claimed the parents of the Rodriguez children. Twenty-year-old Samantha is now responsible for looking after her five younger siblings. The youngsters mistook their visit for a tour of the OCSO Aviation Unit. Instead, they got a Christmas none of us will ever forget! — Orange County Sheriff’s Office (@OrangeCoSheriff), December 24, 2018.

Samantha’s main goal is to relocate her family to a larger house so the kids can live more comfortably. To make this possible, she is saving as much cash as she can. She also intends to enrol at the nearby college and take a few courses there. She wanted her younger siblings to attend college as well and avoid the same mistakes she did when they reached adulthood. She hopes the kids will soon be able to visit Disney World to add some excitement to their lives; fortunately, the Florida family’s home is not far from the theme park. .

At the age of 20, Samantha’s life hasn’t turned out the way she had anticipated, but she’s still a positive, happy young woman with a bright future. Wishing the best of luck to this wonderful family! This article was first published on Secret Life of Mom and has been republished with permission here. Continue reading: This Touching Life Advice Came From Holly Butcher, 27, Who Lost Her Life to Cancer.