Parents typically only plan to have one child at a time, so Becki-Jo Allen, 23, was surprised when her doctors told her she was expecting triplets. She gave birth to three boys, which came as yet another surprise to her. It happened unexpectedly and is not very common.

The odds of having identical triplets are one in 200 million, so when the Allens informed their daughter Indiana that she would have three younger brothers, they were overjoyed. Becki-Jo and her husband were overjoyed by the new members of their family.

Given that they already had two children, the couple was considering having more. They eventually had three more after some direction from above. The scan revealed that they were expecting triplets!

A beautiful family story

The doctors performed an ultrasound earlier than anticipated because Becki-Jo experienced frequent headaches while she was pregnant. When the couple learned they were having triplets, they were overjoyed!

The cesarean section delivery of three sons in the mother’s 31st week of pregnancy was the most terrifying experience of my life. It came as a complete surprise because our family doesn’t have any triplets. ” .

The combined weight of the three boys, Rohan, Roman, and Rocco, was about 3 pounds, 5 ounces. They were in intensive care for the first six weeks of their lives before they were able to stand up on their own. All of the boys are stunningly handsome!

A beautiful family story

“We’re pleased with how well our kids did; after only six weeks, they were all able to return to live with their parents after rapidly gaining weight. The family’s striking resemblance was noted by everyone who came to see them.

The results of a personal DNA test showed that the three had similar genetic makeup!

A beautiful family story

Triplets are unusual in the wild because it is difficult for one egg to divide in two and then for one of these split eggs to divide again during the first ten days of pregnancy. In the US in 2021, only four sets of identical triplets were born. Consequently, this is a fairly uncommon and singular occurrence!

Becki-Jo can easily distinguish between the three boys, despite the fact that they all have a similar appearance. She explained that she only noticed similarities between them while they were dozing off.

Each of the young men has a black birthmark between their brows and a distinctive personality. The three boys use about 130 diapers and five packages of wipes per week, which keeps their parents busy.

Indiana adores and is very proud of her three younger brothers. She is not envious despite being aware of how popular they are with kids their age.

A beautiful family story

Although having three younger brothers can be difficult, Indiana wouldn’t want it any other way. She is sure they will stick together and support one another no matter what.

I must say, what a lovely family.

A beautiful family story