The majority of young people aspire to attend college, travel and have a large social network. Taylor Smith, a 12-year-old from Johnson City, Tennessee, was the same.

Her days were spent surrounded by her loved ones and watching Doctor Who. Smith revealed her objectives in an April 2013 letter she wrote to herself. Only Taylor Smith should open the letter on April 12, 2023 (unless otherwise specified), it was tucked away in a box in her room.

For her parents, who had to deal with their daughter’s untimely death, her premature passing was a tragedy.

Beautiful letter from a little girl to her future self

Tim and Mary Ellen Smith were destroyed when Mary Ellen Smith passed away from complications brought on by pneumonia. It’s unfortunate that Taylor was never able to determine whether her goals and aspirations would come true.

While sorting through Marry Ellen’s belongings, the message was discovered by her family. They were moved by it, so they made the decision to share it online to bring solace to others.

In her response to her daughter’s letter, Marry Ellen expressed her happiness that her story had inspired others, despite the fact that she was unable to be reunited with her in person.

Beautiful letter from a little girl to her future self

This is how the note is written:

Beautiful letter from a little girl to her future self

Taylor, good day!

I hope everything is great and you’re doing great. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but it’s still early where I am. If at first, you fail, try again until you receive your diploma, then congratulations on finishing high school. They assert that I am a college student right now, as are you. However, I can understand if you don’t want to be here. There are many good reasons why we don’t want to be there. I do, however, hope that everything is going well for you.

I was born a year after Allana, but I was away on my first mission trip to Cranks, Kentucky, so I missed her party this year. Just six days have passed since my return.

While we’re at it, how is your relationship with God? If you haven’t recently prayed, worshipped, read the Bible, or gone to serve God, why not start right away if you haven’t already?

But after that, you must read your own words from the past! Do you now live in your own home? If we are in college, what are we studying? At the moment, I’m trying to become a lawyer. Have you since taken any other missionary journeys? How about air travel? Have you ever been outside of the US?

We are getting older. For the education of our kids, the iPad will soon take the place of our out-of-date tablets. We could sell our current iPads and buy iPad Minis instead. There is a drawing of an iPad attached to help the children understand what we’re talking about. Keep in mind that ten years have passed since this article was written, and many things have changed for the worse as well as the better. Life is like that. You have to accept it.

Yours sincerely.

May God comfort her lovely soul.

Beautiful letter from a little girl to her future self