The homeless man came up to me, which caught me off guard. In addition to being filthy and miserable, his clothes were torn. He requested $20, and I gave him $50 instead. In response, he said, “Thank you so much! It gave me new perspective on homelessness and made me rethink my previous beliefs.

We had a long talk that day, and I really appreciated it. I told him to look after himself, but he just grinned and questioned whether I remembered him. He was the man waiting at the bus stop, which I later realized, although I was initially unaware of it.

We attended high school together, I’m Ross. “.

A dirty man approached me the other day

“Ross! What happened to you, buddy? Why are you on the streets? I remember you as a fighter, and you even defended me once when someone tried to attack me. “.

In his words, he had experienced everything. He did everything, including joining a gang, smoking, drinking, sleeping with women, abandoning pregnant women, stealing, and assaulting people.

His children are a mess as a result. They are unwilling to engage with him in any way. He’s thought about killing himself twice. But now he is pleading for food and drink. Sadly, that was how his tale ended.

It is tragic to come across a hungry and homeless person on the street. “As I was making my way to my car, I saw Ross pleading for food. Even though I had already eaten, I wanted to help him. He grinned and assured me he was fine and had already found enough food for the day. It got me to thinking about how, in spite of having comparable circumstances, our lives can take such different turns. I think this is true because the choices our parents make for us now have an impact on our future. “.

My parents were strict, but they weren’t the worst in the world. There were rules, schedules, and consequences if I didn’t complete my tasks by the deadline.

Ross was free to play and engage in any activity while circling the block. He didn’t get in trouble for missing class, but I did, whether I was on time or not. He could also insult the elderly, smoke, and eat whatever he wanted in the town.

I was forced to eat lengthy vegetable or chicken soups and to drink milk and water. I was scared to even bring up the subject; am I saying something bad or am I responding wrong?

I had the “worst” parents in the world as parents, so it’s not him today; it’s me! A slap across the mouth and a sarcastic expression, please.

I am grateful for my parents today. They were firm yet tender, which I liked. They will always have a special place in my heart.