Every housewife in the world has the same wish: they always want their clothes to smell good. As a result, despite having access to less expensive options, people still spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies. An uncommon way to preserve the scent of the clothing is to store a bag of rice in the closet.

Since the rice will absorb any bad odors in the closet, your clothes will continue to smell fresh. If you don’t have time to wash your clothes as often as you’d like, take into account this excellent suggestion.

It can take some time to find something you really like, despite the fact that many women’s lives are heavily centered around their wardrobes. Even when I buy a lot of clothes, I never run out of new things to purchase.

The woman put the rice in the closet

As a result, your closet might become overflowing with clothing. If the clothing hasn’t been washed in a while, this can smell pretty bad and cause organizational problems. To solve this issue, the clothing needs to be washed once more.

A more useful substitute for this activity can be used by anyone without incurring additional costs. This straightforward procedure requires little time or effort.

We need a fabric bag that can hold 100 grams of rice and six drops of lavender oil. Both the rice and the lavender oil will contribute to keeping both things fresh.

The woman put the rice in the closet

The rice is cleaned, then put in a bowl with scented oil. The oil and rice are mixed together with a spoon to give them some time to rest. The user is then free to use the rice and oil mixture however they see fit after it has been put in a bag.

The bag is next placed in a closet next to clothing or hung on a shelf. While absorbing moisture to stop mold from growing, the rice will give the clothing a pleasant aroma.

The smell of moisture, which is connected to clothing that wasn’t taken straight out of the washer or put on the shelves while still wet, is also eliminated by lavender in addition to the smell of mold.

Filling a pot with boiled water and lavender flowers will get rid of any smells you don’t want. After the boiling water helps absorb the fragrance of the flowers, you can dry your clothes by slipping them through the mixture.

As you can see, there are many simple life hacks that can make your life better and solve some issues that arise every day. Please share this article with your loved ones and let us know what you think of this rice bag hack in the comments.