Due to her rare illness, Paisley Hatfield was born with a swollen brain. Her parents were informed that she wouldn’t survive more than a few hours. But then something unusual happened. She is now healthy and content thanks to God’s healing. Her parents are overjoyed with the miracle bestowed upon their family.

At birth, Paisley’s parents noticed a slight droop on the left side of her face. They took her to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where they decided to have her examined.

She had cerebral palsy called hemiplegia, according to the hospital’s medical staff. The mobility of one side of the body is affected by this disorder. For Paisley to be able to move more easily, physical therapy will be required.

A miracle took place with this baby.

After Carissa’s pediatrician recommended they get a scan, she and her husband were horrified to discover that their child had a tumor. Despite the circumstances, they scheduled a test and remained faithful.

When Carissa learned of Paisley’s condition, she immediately began to pray and pleaded for her family’s support. She also asked her family and friends to pray. Amazingly, the doctor told Carissa the operation was successful after it was finished.

She entered the space, took a seat, and shook as she did so. When he went to remove the tumor, he found none, so she was reassured that her prayers must have been heard.

A malignant tumor was what the doctors had anticipated, the hospital said in a statement. But when the surgeons got to the spot where the alleged tumor was visible on the scan, they found nothing. “.

Living proof that miracles do and can happen is Paisley. Miracles are still possible, so keep praying and holding onto your faith.

Because prayer is thought to be a powerful force, the Hatfields believed their daughter was saved by the prayers of her friends and family.

Carissa asserted that as she waited in the lobby, a man entered and sat down next to her. He shook his head and told her that her prayers must have been heard. When she went in for the procedure, nothing was there.

According to a statement released by the hospital on Wednesday, the pediatric doctors at Children’s Institution had mentally prepared themselves for the worst, which was a malignant tumor.

When the surgeons reached the region where the alleged tumor was visible in the image, they discovered nothing. They told the Hatfield family the wonderful news, unable to contain their excitement.

The area that was initially thought to be a tumor was discovered, according to hospital representatives, to be merely an accumulation of fluid upon closer examination of an MRI scan.

The girl’s father, Matt, says, “A man of God like I am, just waiting for some explanation, but it’s a true miracle, it’s a true healing. It’s possible that the scans showed an issue that was later resolved. “.