The late Irish actor Liam Neeson compared his marriage to Natasha Richardson to that of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Richardson, 45, passed away in March 2009 from brain injuries she sustained in a skiing accident in Canada. Even though he misses her terribly, Neeson praised their time spent together as “simply amazing. “.

Liam Neeson spoke candidly about his wife’s passing and the difficult grieving process in an interview. He admitted that it had taken him a long time to come to terms with her passing and that he still felt her presence. Neeson added that his family has been a great support system and that he enjoys being with them.

The actor opened up on his loss

The cast member of Non-Stop remembered sharing the stage with Richardson for the 1993 production of Anna Christie. She was breathtakingly beautiful, and they clicked immediately. They resembled Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in many ways because of the superb dancing they displayed every night on stage.

When Richardson was skiing in Quebec, she hit her head on a beginner’s hill and suffered a severe cerebral hemorrhage. She didn’t take advantage of the on-site medical assistance because she wasn’t wearing a helmet, choosing to return to her hotel instead. Sadly, shortly after that, she got sick.

The actor opened up on his loss

The woman said, “Oh dear. Then he went over to her, and his plane was rerouted to Montreal’s renowned hospital since she would be brought there. When he arrived at the hospital, the doctor showed him her X-ray, and it was evident that she needed surgery.

It’s possible that you can’t hear me, but this is what happened. The doctors told me that she was brain dead. I could see from this X-ray that she was on life support. I approached her and confessed my love to her. Crying, he said, “Sweetie, you won’t get out of this alive.”.

If either of us ever entered a vegetative state after, we made a deal to turn off the electricity. The moment I saw her attached to the tubes, I knew they had to come out.

The actor opened up on his loss

The actor finds it hard to accept his loved one’s passing. He acknowledges that three recipients of her organs who are still alive today are three different people. Despite the fact that she has passed away, he has trouble accepting her absence.

“Since my wife died, I have been feeling unstable. I often have the sensation that the ground beneath my feet is shaky. Sometimes, this sensation goes away, and other times, it stays.

You feel utterly unsteady after being hit by grief like a wave. You have a three-legged table’s sensation. The earth is no longer stable. “.

Neeson says he needs to get used to raising his boys by himself because it could have been much worse. Despite how challenging it is, he claims he is adapting. His sons are Michael (19), Daniel (18), and Daniel (19).