Throughout his life, Joe has experienced a lot. In the same town he had lived for all of his 70 years. He had never felt the urge to leave, too busy trying to get by in his current town to even dream about other places.

He eventually discovered happiness by earning a living selling fruit. His most popular item was watermelons. This made it possible for him and his wife to live happily for a very long time. He kept peddling fruit at the same corner every day even after she passed away. Regardless of the weather.

Joe was a straightforward individual who had no desire for a lavish lifestyle. Although he wanted to live comfortably, he had a lower standard than most people. He discovered how challenging their lives were due to society. Joe didn’t finish high school. His upbringing was incredibly chaotic.

His father eventually decided enough was enough and permanently left his family after years of constant fighting between them. Young Joe was left to care for himself after his mother started drinking.

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A few years after his father’s divorce, his mother married his stepfather, who was a shady character.

Joe would often ride his bike the long way home to avoid meeting his stepfather at the door. So that nobody would see him, he wanted to sneak into his bedroom window in silence.

When Joe was 15, he and his stepfather had a terrible argument. While nursing a beer, Joe’s mother quietly sobbed in the corner. That evening, Joe decided enough was enough and left his house.

He had just enough money saved from mowing lawns to travel to a city far enough away for him to avoid being found.

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Apart from his clothes, he only brought a small watermelon fridge magnet that his grandmother had given him as a birthday present. Watermelons would make him happy, she had assured him.

In his 18th year, Joe found the love of his life. She sat beneath a bridge, terrified. She was approached and given a bite of his apple by him. She questioned him, and then she took the apple. From that point on, they would be joined at the hip.

When Joe popped the question, she jumped for joy. For a large party, they needed more funds. So they gathered their friends and held a ceremony beneath the bridge where they first met. Joe’s best friend was aware of how much he enjoyed watermelons. He, therefore, brought some for everybody to enjoy.

For several years, they made an effort to establish a life together. Both of them aspired to lead uncomplicated, stress-free lives. One day Joe met a farmer who would forever alter his life course. He offered Joe work selling the fruits he raises on his farm. Among the fruit were watermelons, apples, oranges, and bananas.

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Joe’s fruit stand gained popularity over time. Instead of purchasing fruit from supermarkets, many people would stop by Joe on the way home. This business was very successful for Joe, who was now a father of two.

He could pay the mortgage on their modest home and put his kids through school. Both of them had graduated, which made Joe ecstatic. He had never done anything like this before.

As Joe grew older, they continued to reside contentedly in the same home. His offspring had become adults living in the nearby large city. Although worried about them, he was confident that he had raised intelligent children.

One day, a young man wearing a sharp business suit passed Joe’s fruit stand. After taking a moment to admire the apples, he saw a sign that Joe had put up. There were watermelons for sale, it declared. You can buy one or three for $3 or $10. “.

Joe watched the man think about this for a moment. Then, he offered Joe $3,000 in exchange for a single watermelon. Joe agreed and covered it in brown paper. Then, after receiving $3.00, the man asked for another watermelon.

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The man did not depart at this point. But after that, he pulled out another $3,000 from his wallet and handed it to him while pointing to the watermelons. Joe remained and watched as the man left with the three watermelons. He took note of his broad grin and his slight head shake.

The young man in the suit started to frequent Joe’s stall frequently. Every month, he would pay him a visit and buy three watermelons. He would order each watermelon separately for $3.00 as opposed to paying $10.00 for three watermelons.

He and Joe didn’t communicate outside of the required sales agreements and hellos. The young man finally spoke to Joe after waiting for about six months.

The young man stopped as he headed out of Joe’s fruit stand with his three watermelons. He went back to Joe and asked him why the watermelons were being sold for this amount.

He told Joe that every time he purchases three watermelons, he saves $1000. However, buying them separately would have cost you only $9.00, despite the sign’s $10.00 price for three watermelons. Joe gave him a fixed look.

He was called a fool as the man started to laugh and walked away. In contrast, Joe was committed to selling as many watermelons as he could. It was for this reason that he initially came up with the clever sign.

Online articles served as the basis for this made-up narrative. Any similarities between the characters in this story and actual people are pure coincidence.