Hollywood’s most recognisable stars include Uma. Despite having to pay the price, the actress became a worldwide celebrity thanks to her work in the Kill Bill movie series.

The actress posted a clip from the movie’s set that showed a terrifying car accident she was involved in.

Just days after her explosive New York Times interview, Uma uploaded a video of her accident from the Kill Bill set to Instagram.

The actress attributed the error to the managers and producers of the movie. She insisted that this incident’s circumstances were illegal because they were reckless.

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She disclosed that to expose it, she had acquired the tape from director Quentin Tarantino years later to expose it.

In a statement, the actress praised the director for his courage and for acting honourably. “He was also fully aware that it might hurt him personally. “.

The actress said, “The cover-up following the accident is unforgivable.

Uma stated in her New York Times interview that Quentin pushed her to proceed with the discussion despite her reservations about the state of the car.

In the video, Uma is seen operating a quick vehicle on an off-road track before an unexpected sharp turn, and dangerous bumps result in her suffering injuries as the car comes to a stop.

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Knee and neck pain were among Uma’s accident-related wounds. Later, it was found out.

What was Quentin Tarantino’s reaction to the mishap and the producers’?

Quentin said that Uma’s accident was “one of the worst regrets of my life” shortly after Uma’s interview and the tape’s public release.

The driver insisted that he only tested the vehicle in one direction before asking Uma to try it in the other.

He also admitted to making “one of my most heinous mistakes” by failing to notice the road’s turn.

On the other hand, the director refuted Uma’s assertions that he convinced her to board the car. She wasn’t pushed into the car by me. She trusted me enough to get in the car with me. He said she agreed with him. “.

Producer of Kill Bill Lawrence Bender responded to Uma’s claims after the incident’s web video surfaced.

“I deeply regret that Uma has suffered such anguish, both physically and emotionally, for all of these years as a result of the accident that occurred on the Kill Bill set,” he said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter.

“I never want to let anyone down. I place a high priority on the safety of the crew members who work on the movies I produce. “.

He emphasised there was no “cover-up,” in contrast to Uma’s assertions.

He claimed, “I never kept anything from Uma or anyone else, and I would never have taken part in any kind of cover-up.

Her life was in danger when Uma crashed in 2018 on the Kill Bill set.

According to the spokeswoman, only stunt professionals should carry out stunts while being overseen by a stunt coordinator to ensure proper and safe performance.

According to Uma in her interview with the New York Times, it was a death box. The seat was held in place without screws. The road was sand-covered and uneven.