A shocked mother runs into her ex-husband and current partner. At the hospital, But what they do there together is unimaginable.

Unfortunately, not all romantic relationships end happily; disagreements and miscommunication frequently lead to hostilities.

These constant conflicts can lead in time to divorce and an even more painful situation if there is a child in the middle. One of the two parents may find a new partner to complicate matters further.

This is also the case of Madison Holley, a mother from Ontario, Canada, who had recently been out of a relationship with her ex-partner, Tyler.

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When Madison and Tyler separated, she was so angry with Tyler that, for the first few months, she didn’t even want to talk to him. Instead, she focused on her relationship with Cody.

To complicate matters further, little Cade was in the middle, following his relationship with Tyler.

For Madison, the situation was unbearable until Karin, Tyler’s new girlfriend, entered the scene; Madison claimed that this was the person “guilty” of sweetening the damaged relationship between Tyler and Cade’s mother.

Karin persuaded Madison and Tyler to talk about their issues in front of a group of people for the benefit of little Cade, putting the painful past in the past and gradually laying the foundation for a hopeful future, joy, and happiness for Cade.

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Eventually, the two couples formed; Madison and Cody, respectively Tyler and Karin, woke up having dinner together and put aside any misunderstanding.

And according to Madison, Karin has now become her best friend! Cody, Madison’s new partner, embraced the role of parent brilliantly, willing to do anything to make things work for the child’s good.

Finally, Madison Holley’s story was told by Love What Matters through a particularly tender photograph that seems to define the deep meaning of selfless love.

The image depicts Cody and Tyler in the hospital hallways with little Cade, who holds them both in his hands, while Cody’s other hand is the baby carrier with Waylon, Madison’s son, with his second life partner.

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Although Tyler and Cody have only Madison in common, their love for children is more significant than anything else.

Nor does it matter that Tyler is Cade’s father and that he is not married to Madison or that Cody has a child with her: all that matters is the selfless love of parenthood that has overcome prejudice.