Experiences can impact an individual’s health and outlook on life. Stress and traumatic events can negatively impact physical and mental health.

People under stress frequently view the world differently, and their thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours are also impacted.

A significant change occurred when Phoebe, a woman in her seventies, decided to leave Vermont after living there for 49 years.

She said it was devastating and significantly impacted her until she became ill. She underwent treatment, fully recovered, and then lost her son, which was a terrible second blow.

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These things, plus Phoebe’s age, left permanent scars on her appearance.

After watching several beauty videos, Phoebe visited Christopher Hopkins, a.k.a. Makeover Guy. She was awestruck by the changes other women underwent thanks to Christopher’s magic and thought she desperately needed a new beginning.

The video opens with an introduction of Phoebe before the beauty treatment. Later, a different Phoebe is presented to us, one without glasses and dressed in lighter, more vibrant attire. Her new hairstyle and hair colour also draws attention to her features.

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“At the moment, I’m doing pretty well. I’m savoring each day to the fullest and taking advantage of a fresh start. “.

Phoebe has experienced a positive change, and her happiness is evident. Phoebe acknowledges that she feels revitalised. She finally had the chance to feel joy once more because she had complete faith in Christopher’s abilities.

It’s incredible how a quick trip to a stylist with skill can transform your entire attitude and play a key role in helping you regain your self-confidence.

You won’t believe how she changes at the end of the video, which you can watch below.

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