Dolly Parton is renowned for her glamorous persona in public, and the singer claims she enjoys dressing up a bit at home as well, even if it’s just her and her husband of 57 years, Carl Dean.

Parton says in a 2022 interview that she “likes to dress up for Carl.”.

 After 57 years of marriage, Dolly Parton reveals how she and her husband, Carl Dean, maintain the spark.

“I put on some makeup and style my hair every day because I believe that everyone will see me dressed up since I am out in public. I won’t simply return home and collapse on him. ”.

Dean and Parton have been married for nearly 60 years and have seen almost everything about one another. She reportedly puts just as much effort into maintaining her beauty for her own benefit as she does for her husband.

He would adore me regardless of how I looked, but I need to look my best. ”.

When asked if that’s the secret to keeping her marriage interesting after all these years, Parton replies, “Well, I think it helps!” and adds, “Nobody wants to make out with a slouch. ”.

Keep things interesting and spicy, I suppose, helps. ”.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee and reigning country queen will release her debut rock album, Rock Star, in November. The album features a who’s who of the genre. Parton has a reputation for keeping things “hot” in her career.

While she and Garth Brooks were co-hosting the 2023 ACM Awards, the legend introduced the first song from that album, “World on Fire.”.