The former Little House on the Prairie star told her fans to “don’t wait to get treated” and take bug bites seriously after going to the emergency room due to a bug bite.

Melissa Gilbert is explaining how a bug bite resulted in her hospital admission.

After being bitten by a bug, Melissa Gilbert said, “My entire upper arm was swollen.”

The 59-year-old former Little House on the Prairie star posted two pictures from her hospital visit on Instagram on Friday, advising her followers to keep an eye on their health and not ignore any bites that may at first seem insignificant.

‘A Public Service Announcement: Well that was a fun night in the ER,’ she began her caption. ‘My arm was bitten by a flying bug (not a bee or wasp) two days ago. By last night, my arm was extremely red, hot, and swollen. ”.

We should go straight to the ER, my doctor @skincarelab advised me when I called him. I was prepared to wait until @timbusfield responded, “Absolutely not.”. After many tests, I was told I had cellulitis and an abscess, and we’re leaving.”., according to U.

After being bitten by a bug, Melissa Gilbert said, “My entire upper arm was swollen.”

A “pocket of pus” called an abscess can form “almost anywhere” in the body, according to the National Library of Medicine.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cellulitis, also known as a staph infection, is a potentially fatal skin infection brought on when bacteria enters a lesion and penetrates deeply into the skin.

Acetaminophen, Benadryl, and clindamycin were all administered to me intravenously. Right away, things began to get better. I stayed up all night. Oral antibiotics, Benadryl, and ibuprofen are all things I’m starting today,” Gilbert continued.

After being bitten by a bug, Melissa Gilbert said, “My entire upper arm was swollen.”

Lesson learned: treat insect bites seriously. If it swells up significantly (my entire upper arm was swollen! ), don’t delay getting treated because you think it’s just a minor bite. Visit your doctor, the ER, or an urgent care facility to determine how much worse things can get. She then made a reference to her well-known Little House on the Prairie character Laura Ingalls Wilder, saying, “I’m serious. This would have resulted in death or amputation if Laura Ingalls Wilder had been alive. Access to treatment is available. ”.

Therefore, the actress said, “I’m going to take my medications and rest like the good little bunny I am. An idiotic bug bite. Thank you especially to Bonsecours Hospital in Port Jervis, New York. At this time, going back to bed. ”.

In response to her post, Gilbert received several congratulations from her followers and other famous people.

Donna Murphy, an actress, replied to the letter with the advice “MAMA, REST and HEAL!” despite her pain. Congratulations to your doctor, @timbusfield, for making you go to the ER that night.

Actor Michael Beach continued, “Some random bug is causing all of this. ”.