This past weekend, Keanu Reeves and his long-term partner Alexandra Grant won hearts by playing the cold-blooded assassin John Wick.

On Saturday, when they appeared on the red carpet of the Museum of Contemporary Art Gala in Los Angeles, they were caught kissing, laughing, and smiling.

Grant winning the visual craftsman Award, wore a story-length, energetic red botanical outfit for the occasion, and Reeves sharp searched in a naval force suit and striped tie.

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In a new meeting, reeves gave some exceptional knowledge about the relationship when gotten some information about his “last snapshot of rapture.”

Last month, the actor from “Matrix” stated, “A few days ago with my honey. We had fallen asleep. We were connected. We laughed, grinned, and giggled. I feel awesome. It was just great to be together.

Even though Grant and Reeves made their relationship public in November 2019, when they walked the red carpet of an LA art gala together, they have been together professionally for years.

They collaborated on Reeves’ first poetry collection, “Ode to Happiness,” which they published through the publishing company X Artists’ Books. Grant provided the photographs for the book. Yet again, in 2016, they teamed up on his book “Shadows.”

In 2020, Grant admitted that she needed to decide whether to tell anyone they were dating.

As per her, “I think everyone I knew called me in the primary seven-day stretch of November, and that is captivating,” she said. ” In any case, all through everything, my principal concern has been, ‘What is the chance for good?'”