Jackson Bezzant is a typical young elementary school student. He is a young man who likes to fish, be outside, and spend time with his family. He is a happy young man.

Jackson contrasts with ordinary children since he was brought into the world with Treacher-Collins disorder. Facial bone and tissue growth are affected by it.

In Jackson’s circumstance, he has had a medical procedure to recreate his eye attachment and is hard of hearing.

In addition, as a result, he has been subjected to persistent bullying at school from other students and even some adults.

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His father in Idaho felt “destroyed” when he learned that his son had been called a “monster” at school.

After that, the angry father decided enough was enough and set out on a mission to warn the people who had hurt his son.

Dan, Jackson’s dad, has frequently seen this tormenting.

He recalls a woman shouting, “Did you see that little boy’s face?” to him. While she and his son were walking down the street, she passed them.

Dan generally maintained his composure and concentrated entirely on keeping his son’s happiness and sense of stability—something that any parent who has witnessed their child being abused would find challenging.

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Dan, however, was forced to speak up due to a recent incident at school because he could no longer do so.

When three older boys approached him, Jackson Bezzant was eating breakfast in the school cafeteria.

They started making fun of the child, describing him as “ugly” and a “monster.” While Jackson was helpless, the cruel taunting continued until a teacher’s assistant noticed and intervened to stop it before it got any worse.

When Dan heard the story, he wept, but the situation was far from over.

Jackson had undoubtedly been bullied in the past, but Dan was determined to prevent that from happening again.

Dan would convey a clear message to everyone who had abused his son: enough was sufficient.

Because he was sick of constantly witnessing his young son being bullied, mocked, and humiliated, he rushed to Facebook to post an emotional message condemning the bullies.

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Dan stated, According to People Magazine, Dan said, “My soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest, and my heart is in pieces right now.”

“This attractive youthful person, my child Jackson, must tolerate a constant siege of oblivious comments and put-downs. His classmates frequently call him an ugly freak and monster. He mentions taking his own life when he was just eight years old!

He says he has no friends and that everyone hates him. While making these demeaning remarks, children push him and throw rocks at him. Please consider what you would do if this were your child for a moment. Give your kids a brief lesson about people with disabilities. Talk to them about loving each other and having empathy.

His illness goes by the name Treacher Collins. Even investigate it. Dan wrote, “He has had several horrifying surgeries and will have more in the future.”

Dan doesn’t fault them and doesn’t need others to either, even though some might criticize the school or the instructors for Jackson’s harassment.

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Instead, he wants to put the blame where it belongs—on the parents who did not teach their children to be kind, compassionate, and accepting.

I hope the parents who read my essay comprehend my suffering. Could you let your children know that bullying is not acceptable? Please share this. Dan observed that no one should be going through this.

Jackson was brought into the world with Treacher Collins’s condition. As a result, people frequently criticized his appearance.

The rare condition slows down the growth of the bones and tissues of the face, resulting in abnormal growth and apparent deformities.

Tragically, he will need many more surgeries in the future.

After perusing his message, Jackson’s schoolchildren reached Dan and his family to make companions and post for the youth.

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Dan’s moving words let Jackson connect with two nearby children who share Treacher Collins syndrome. Now is the time for a playdate between them.

After feeling overwhelmed by the support, Dan set up a PO box for people to mail letters or cards to Jackson, and the box has been rapidly filling up ever since!

My heart broke when I read Dan’s passionate Facebook plea and learned about Jackson’s abuse by other children. Bullying should never be tolerated.

Indeed, many instances of bullying are unintentional; Sometimes, kids will comment about what they see without thinking about what it means or how it might affect others. However, as Dan demonstrated, a little knowledge can alleviate much pain.