A small number of people frequently consider the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp scandal. Almost everyone has become an expert on celebrity rumors due to the volume of drama that has been seen around the world.

Amber Heard has recently made headlines again, but this time it’s for avoiding drama rather than creating it. She reportedly relocated to a different country and changed her name.

Recently, an unremarkable Martha Jane Canary moved to Mallorca, a charming Spanish island, to a sleepy town. Local newspaper Diario De Mallorca ran headlines about Martha. But you wouldn’t expect Martha to be that person, would you?

She is none other than the notorious Amber Heard. Amber and Bianca Butti, one of her friends, made the decision to take a quick vacation. Her daughter Oona Paige accompanied her on vacation, and photos of the trio having fun together have been released.

Page Six (@PageSix), September 30, 2022.

Amber Heard allegedly changed her name and moved to a different continent.

After the Johnny Depp trial, Amber Heard makes an appearance in Spain with her daughter Oonagh.

According to reports, Amber and her daughter traveled to avoid the savage, stalker-like press tactics. They have harassed her personally ever since she filed a highly publicized defamation suit against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

You would have to go back to the 1800s to find out how Martha Jane Canary got her name because at that time, trips across vast, open plains on horses were still a big part of the Wild West. Calamity Jane, also known as Martha Jane Canary, was a real person and not a creation of a motion picture. She became notorious for using her sharpshooting skills to murder residents of the area and earning a reputation as a rather notorious person.

In order to distance herself from her past, Amber Heard or Martha Jane might have moved to a peaceful area. This does not suggest, however, that Martha’s ability to earn a living or her ability to act in the future have been compromised. Amber Heard seems to have quietly contributed to a few projects.

Her role as Mera in Aquaman hasn’t been cut, according to sources. In Aquaman’s upcoming sequel, she will still have a significant role. The title of the newest motion picture is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

In a number of interviews and conversations with close friends, Johnny Dep has been forthright about his ancestry. Johnny appears to have close ties to Native American tribes. Much of his professional life, he claims, was influenced by this. So what tribe was Johnny Depp from?

Amber Heard is currently in Spain, according to this image on Twitter, which has the hashtag #iVZZiGHSiZ.

Because civilization is growing so quickly, it is difficult to be precise. But according to Johnny Depp, his great-grandmother was either Cherokee or Creek. Many people have hypothesized that Amber Heard’s choice to use a pseudonym is not simply a method of avoiding the media and the controversy that comes along with it. The well-known actor who won their slander case reportedly also has a position open.