Cancer is a formidable enemy, but what if the first sign of the disease was something as innocuous as a burp? That was the case for a 24-year-old woman who had been regularly burping for weeks before discovering that her symptoms were indicators of stage 3 cancer.

The news that would change Bailey McBreen’s life was delivered to her in 2021, when she was a caring Florida nurse.

She initially didn’t give burping ten times a day much thought, but it was a warning sign for something much worse. Her condition was later found to be stage 3 colon cancer. Although she didn’t notice the burping at first, it was her body’s way of warning her that something was wrong.

24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

Despite leading an active and healthy lifestyle that frequently involved going to the gym, the 24-year-old was aware enough to notice that something was wrong. She quickly realized that her constant burping was not a typical symptom because she was in tune with her body. She had been working out consistently five to six times per week for at least 14 months.

Even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, the first sign that something was wrong was when I began to burp frequently. Every day, I would have 5 to 10 burps. I was not accustomed to this. I realized how strange that was since I had never previously burped. But I didn’t think about it at all. That could be related to such a terrible illness?
I had no idea.”.

Bailey had many challenges to overcome during her cancer journey. She underwent an urgent procedure in January, and she is currently receiving chemotherapy for stage 3 colon cancer. She is expected to receive therapy through the end of August. She had started burping the year before, but at first she had brushed it off as unimportant.

24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

Her medical professionals initially misdiagnosed her burping symptom as anxiety, which was regrettably acid reflux. Over time, her symptoms, such as a decreased appetite and excruciating pain, got worse.

Being a skilled nurse, Bailey felt as though something was preventing her internal organs from functioning normally. A CT scan confirmed what she had suspected: she had a growing colon tumor.

When Bailey was 24, she was shocked to learn that she had stage three colon cancer. Like many others, she was unaware that oblique symptoms could indicate such a serious condition.

In an interview with NeedToKnow .co .uk, Bailey expressed her surprise, saying, “I could never have imagined that any obscure symptom I had could be indicative of stage three colon cancer. ”.

24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

“I remember the first thing I could say was, ‘I am not ready to die,” she recalled in her own words. Only two cases of colon cancer in young adults are found annually per 100,000 people, which is a very low incidence.

“I felt as though my body was not there.

Sitting in the corner of the room, I believed I was receiving a diagnosis. Time seemed to slow down while my heart rate accelerated. Back then, I was completely shocked. ”.

In the transverse colon, which is below other organs in the abdominal cavity, Bailey quickly discovered the tumor.

Therapy was more difficult in this location because of how bad her cancer symptoms were.

As stated by Bailey, the tumor was the cause of the painful condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), in which stomach acid rushes back into the esophagus and causes heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms.

Bailey’s bowels were also totally blocked by the tumor, which made it difficult for her to urinate and caused her a great deal of pain. “GERD was a symptom in my case because my tumor was gradually obstructing my entire bowel,” she asserted. It caused reflux and burping because my food wasn’t completely digesting and got “stuck” above my tumor.

24-Year-Old Discovered to Have Stage 3 Cancer After Ignoring Constant Burping

Even though frequent burping isn’t a typical sign of colon cancer, my doctor told me it was likely where my symptoms started. she said. Bailey McBreen has demonstrated incredible tenacity and tenacity since receiving her diagnosis.

She has made the decision to fight the disease even though receiving a cancer diagnosis might shock and terrify her. This fearless woman aspires to use her experience to warn others about the risks associated with disrepair symptoms.

I won’t let this illness control my life, the woman declared. With everything I have, I am battling this illness. ”.

“I’ve made the switch to a completely toxin-free lifestyle; all of my cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and cookware are nontoxic.
“She said.
“Cancer doesn’t give a damn about your identity.
All that you are unfamiliar with needs to be addressed, even if everything else appears to be normal. As something that happened “normally,” I didn’t give my burping much thought. Keeping an eye on your body is essential.

Bailey’s GoFundMe campaign already has more than $72,000 raised, surpassing its $75,000 goal.