Her ex-stepson tweeted an odd message about family in the wake of Amy Robach’s covert relationship. The eye-opening movie footage was uploaded to Nathanial Shue’s Instagram Stories on Thursday, the son of Amy’s ex-Andrew Shue. Ex-stepson of Amy Robach, Nathanial, shared an enigmatic message on social media.

Recent revelations about Amy’s relationship with her co-host TJ Holmes.

Nathanial shared a clip from The Notebook that showed an “unconscionably harsh” family. The leading actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were having a serious conversation in the scene, which was taken from the 2004 romantic comedy The Notebook.

Amy Robach’s ex-stepson Nate posts an enigmatic video about her ‘unconscionably harsh’ family following her ‘affair.’

In the movie, Rachel, who plays Allie, told Ryan’s character, Noah, how unhappy she was with her mother. “My mother is blatantly rude. My relatives don’t give a damn about them either. They have no value at all. Allie screamed, and Noah stepped in to stop her. Noah grabbed her face, “I’m so happy for you. “Everything’s fine,” Allie said.

Despite the fact that Amy’s cheating scandal with co-host TJ Holmes is still making headlines, the 26-year-old didn’t say why he posted the video. The rumored relationship between Amy and TJ was made public by DailyMail.com in November. In pictures the source got of the co-anchors drinking at a bar in New York City on November 10, they looked cozy.

They were allegedly seen together at each other’s Manhattan apartments as well.

Amy Robach’s ex-stepson Nate posts an enigmatic video about her ‘unconscionably harsh’ family following her ‘affair.’

The couple, who started hosting GMA3 in 2020, reportedly left on November 11 for an upstate New York weekend getaway at a cottage two weeks before Thanksgiving. Due to the fact that TJ and Amy are married to other people, the announcement has generated media attention.

Following her divorce from Tim McIntosh, the father of her two teenage girls, Amy, 49, and Andrew, 55, got hitched in 2010. TJ, 45, has been wed to Marilee Fiebig, an immigration lawyer, for 12 years.

According to PageSix, Amy’s divorce from her Melrose Place actor husband, Andrew, was “nearly finished” last month. “.

They’ve always had issues, and ultimately they split up, a source claimed to the website. The GMA star’s new romance was confirmed by a second insider, who also revealed that she had become engaged to T. J. They are content because they are in a relationship. Both of them have divorced their husbands, and as consenting adults, they are free to do as they please. “.

Amy Robach’s ex-stepson Nate posts an enigmatic video about her ‘unconscionably harsh’ family following her ‘affair.’

Before his relationship with Amy, TJ had relationships with other employees of the news station. TJ was recently accused of having an illicit relationship with married GMA producer Natasha Singh for three years, from 2016 to 2019. Additionally, ABC script coordinator Jasmin Pettaway, who is a lot younger than him, is the subject of the alleged affair.

The relationship with TJ reportedly started with sex in his office after the then-24-year-old contacted him for career mentoring, according to DailyMail . com. Only five years had passed since his marriage to Marilee when the alleged romance allegedly took place. Before news of TJ’s rumored liaisons broke, TJ and Amy had already been let go from their GMA positions.

Amy Robach’s ex-stepson Nate posts an enigmatic video about her ‘unconscionably harsh’ family following her ‘affair.’

In December, the program was put on hold while ABC conducted an internal investigation. They don’t seem to be going back to the newsroom any time soon, though. This week, the couple’s decision not to return to GMA was exclusively revealed by The US Sun.

A source claimed that because ABC’s legal team is small but well-respected, it takes an exorbitantly long time to complete tasks. Regarding Amy and TJ’s escape plan, “they’re crossing their Ts and .ting their Is. The coupled-up co-hosts’ future at the network is unknown to the network insider, but it is certain that they will not be going back to GMA3. “.

While other guest stars are now hosting GMA3, TJ and Amy’s future has not yet been formally announced by ABC. They lost their co-hosting jobs on Good Morning America last month, and sources say they won’t be coming back.