Tom Cruise talked about how emotional seeing Val Kilmer again on the Top Gun: Maverick set. Kilmer, who co-starred with Cruise in the 1986 version of Top Gun, received a cancer diagnosis in 2015. After chemotherapy and two tracheotomies, Kilmer was declared cancer-free; however, he still uses a voice box to communicate. His character Tom “Iceman” Kazansky was seen communicating via a computer in Maverick when he was reunited with Cruise due to an unspecified illness.

“All I wanted to do was express how upsetting that was. On Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently, Cruise said, “I’ve known Val for decades.

On Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise was seen ‘crying’ at his reunion with Val Kilmer

He is such a gifted actor that he instantly transformed back into that role when asked to play that character again. Iceman has your full attention. ” “I was crying. I broke down,” said Cruise. He’s a great actor, and I love everything he does. ”.

In the first Top Gun, Iceman is Maverick’s primary rival in the military aviation training program. Kilmer’s famous line, “You can be my wingman anytime,” is the result of Maverick earning respect from Iceman after saving his life. 36 years later… I’m still your sidekick. That’s what Kilmer, 63, captioned an Instagram photo of a scene from the movie last year. Kilmer’s inclusion in the original action movie was something Cruise claimed he “fought hard” to achieve.

Top Gun: Maverick, the highest-grossing movie of 2022 and the eleventh-highest-grossing movie ever, is this year’s Oscar nominee for Best Picture. At the Academy Awards nominees luncheon earlier this month, Steven Spielberg praised Cruise for saving “Hollywood’s ass”. “Seriously. The director told the actor, “Maverick has the potential to save the entire theatre industry.